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The permissive parent indulges the child in what he or she likes or wants and gives in to the child’s desires, impulses and acts. The child is given few responsibility and the parents exercise very little control and does not encourage the child to obey rules.
b. The…
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Human growth and developement 4
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Discuss Baumrind’s three styles of parenting and implications of each of the various styles. Please apply these parenting styles to your own experiences and examples in nursing and/or personal. 
The three parenting styles of Diana Baumrind are permissive, authoritarian and authoritative (Gfroerer et al., 2011). These are;
a. The permissive parent indulges the child in what he or she likes or wants and gives in to the child’s desires, impulses and acts. The child is given few responsibility and the parents exercise very little control and does not encourage the child to obey rules.
b. The authoritarian parent Baumrin are the typical parent who employs the corporal punishment who evaluate the child’s behavior according to a set rules which is usually absolute. Obedience is valued and resorts to punishment to exact obedience from the child.
c. Authoritative parent rears the child in a reasonable and caring manner. Policies are explained and enforce rules as a parent but recognize the individuality of a child.
I have experienced the authoritative parenting myself. My parents may be loving and supportive but when house rules are broken which includes curfew during weekdays (which is often broken) I am usually grounded. My parents may be smiling when they caught me making excuses but rules are rules and I am still grounded. I understand the reason why they do it and so I gladly accept it.
2. Discuss the ways in which social skills are affected both in the short-term and long-term by child maltreatment. Please feel free to give examples from your own observations in nursing and/or personal experiences.
Children who experience maltreatment tend to be abusive with their relationships also. For them, abusive treatment of people is acceptable because they themselves have experienced it. Their emotion are not usually fully developed and they do not respond well to stressful situations. In extreme situations, they are likely to give in and being such, typically labeled as emotionally unstable.
Gfroerer, Kelly P.; Kern, Roy M.; Curlette, William L.; White, JoAnna; Jonynienė, Jolita (2011). Parenting Style and Personality: Perceptions of Mothers, Fathers, and Adolescents.  Journal of Individual Psychology,  67(1):57-73. Read More
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