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The categories specific to reactivity factors like motor activity, emotional reactions, and the kind of attention paid by him/her all determine the temperament…
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Human growth and develpement module 2
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Human growth and development module: Q An infant’s temperament is basically based upon a combination of the reactivity factors and self-regulation factors. The categories specific to reactivity factors like motor activity, emotional reactions, and the kind of attention paid by him/her all determine the temperament after the intensity and nature of these factors is carefully assessed. Similarly, the categories specific to self-regulation factors include the infant’s ability to change or control his/her reactions or emotional outbursts and the degree to which he/she is able to control or repress certain behaviors is determined by carefully observing the everyday routine. Berger (2010) claims that an infant’s or a child’s temperament also depends upon his/her inborn predispositions which might not only become the reason of his/her anxiety problems but also invoke anxiety in the parents also. When I applied these same categories to my nursing experience, I felt a significant improvement in the way I became able to assess the rate by which any child improved or recessed in terms of emotional growth and development.
Q# 2:
It is a fact that infants are very vulnerable to the toxic effects of malnutrition. Malnutrition, if not handled appropriately and on time, can lead to weight loss, height loss, and intellectual problems as poor nutrition can lead to lower IQ levels. Cognitive impairments also affect a young child if there is malnutrition and iron-deficiency anemia can also develop which leads a child to behave sluggishly and learn slowly. Children exposed to malnutrition also have a poor defense mechanism due to which they are more often targeted by various infections and diseases. In order to address this concern, I would suggest drinking lots of water per day as plenty of water can help an infant or a child much against malnutrition. A body loses much water per day through sweat, breathing, and urine so it becomes compulsory to drink many glasses of water a day. Also, vegetables should be made an essential element of daily diet as they help in strengthening the immune system.
Berger, K.S. (2010). Invitation to the Life Span. New York, NY: Worth Publishers. Read More
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(Human Growth and Develpement Module 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Human Growth and Develpement Module 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Human Growth and Develpement Module 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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