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The sustainable environment vs. the current growth of our human popoulation - Essay Example

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Instructor Date The Sustainable Environment vs. The Current Growth of Human Population It is no secret that the world is growing exponentially in ways never before experienced since mankind has recorded history. One could point out various statistics about human population, the rate of growth today compared to a mere century ago, and the reality that some of the cities of the world now have little land left on which to develop further…
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The sustainable environment vs. the current growth of our human popoulation
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Download file to see previous pages Surely, there must be a limit to the amount of development and destruction of the natural resources that this planet can actually sustain before catastrophic events begin to happen. Sustainability entails the capacity for a people and an environment to endure the test of time. As there is still much we do not know about our current surroundings, there is a cause for concern as the population around us continues to mushroom. If there is no regard for the land among us, and there are no plans put into place for increased sustainability moving forward, the earth, as we know it today, could be severely altered in eras to come. With this reality in mind, it is important now to consider whether or not our environment can be sustainable in light of an increased population, and what needs to be to protect future evolutionary eras of mankind who will follow us. That is the focus of this paper. In ecological terms, sustainability refers to the unique nature that the earth’s environment has to remain diverse and productive over time (Yazdi and Shakouri 468). It is this diversity that has, to this point, allowed civilizations to flourish since the beginning of time, having access to sustainable resources that have enabled continued growth. Biologist’s wonder, however, if this ecological phenomenon that allows the biosphere to continue in its productive state can continue indefinitely in the face of continued growth and abuse. Wetlands and forests that represent the best of what a sustainable biological system entails have long dominated the earth, during the modern era. Many people believe that the wetlands continue to be healthy and productive, while forests provide much needed stability to the environment. Time will tell, of course, if these thoughts are correct, or whether we are truly destroying the sustainability of our planet. Throughout history, humans have talked about showing a respect for nature that has transcended time, yet this does not always equate into action. With continued population growth, however, this respect and admiration for the forests, wetlands, and other aspects of our sustainable environment has gradually decreased over time. Sustainability is vitally important to humans, however, in order to contribute to the long-term well being and ability to thrive in the midst of global change. Factors that impact this ability to sustain the productiveness of the earth for the long term include certain ecological, political, and cultural components. In essence, the needs of humans to grow and prosper on this earth must be balance with certain environmental values that cannot be compromised. Humans cannot fight the ecology of the world in the long-run and expect to win. The need for social equality and economic expansion must be balanced with the need to create a sustainable environment that will continue to support human expansion. It has long been known that a healthy ecosystem is necessary to not only the continued survival of living organism (humans included), but also to their ability to flourish as well (Omer 2268). In order to accomplish this feat, methods must be established in an effort to reduce any negative impact that humans have on the environment around them. In order for the earth to remain sustainable and stable, humans must allow it to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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