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Nursing involves direct contact with patients. Therefore, the interaction and presentation of the nurse to the patient has a direct impact on nursing management. It becomes paramount for the…
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The Speed of Trust part 3
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Introduction Different people have different attitudes and principles which constitute behavior. Nursing involves direct contact with patients. Therefore, the interaction and presentation of the nurse to the patient has a direct impact on nursing management. It becomes paramount for the nurse to develop sound behavioral practices. The manager in my current unit has no previous managerial experiences. During her tenure as a manager she has mastered commendable behaviors, though it would be better if she improved on some of her behaviors (Covey, & Merrill, 2009).
Behaviors She Has Mastered
Talk Straight
The manager has an ability to talk straight regardless of the situation. She tells the truth no matter what the situation is. Her ability to talk straight confers basic elements to her that influences the successe of the unit. This element has led to improved manager’s relationships with the staff (Covey, & Merrill, 2009).
Deliver Results
The current manager ensures that the unit operates within the allocated budget while delivering results. The manager ensures successful completion of projects within the scope and expected results. She ensures this through controlling risks and timely performance (Covey, & Merrill, 2009).
The manager takes enormous responsibility of showing loyalty by giving credit to all the contributors who ensure success in the unit. She identifies individual contribution and does not hesitate to show loyalty to the staff. She supports the workforce in their endeavors, and she takes the side of the workforce in case of disputes with the management (Covey, & Merrill, 2009).
Three Behaviors I Think She Needs Improvement
Listen First
I think the manager should improve on her listening ability. For instance, an individual or staff could approach her in the halls with an issue or problem. During the conversation, she walks as the staff expresses her problems; she gives short answers, an indication that she is not attentive. On other occasions, I have tried to explain a situation after which the manager seems to have formed her own conclusion (Covey, & Merrill, 2009).
Extend Trust
The manager has an attribute of having limited trust with the workers. 90% of the workforce speaks her language, however, at some instances, she speaks a different language when with her deputy, or she sits to eat with a group of nurses. She should learn to extend her trust to the staff members (Covey, & Merrill, 2009).
Demonstrate Respect
Another attribute that I think the manager should change is her ability to demonstrate respect. For instance, workers may smile or say polite things, but she ignores them. Such an attribute demonstrates her lack of respect. A staff member may greet her, but she ignores (Covey, & Merrill, 2009).
Three Behaviors I Have Mastered
I have mastered the ability to talk straight and call a spade a spade. I always tell the exactness regardless of the situation or interests. In case of an incident, I use truth to solve the situation. By, talking straight, it means that I have learnt and understood the situation, problem or issue. I also have the will to learn, and in case of new opportunities in the unit, I am always the first to apply for the opportunity. I have also signed up for learning programs within the unit. I also have the attribute of listening first, and I do not jump into conclusions. I listen carefully to the problems or issues that arise in the unit, and use my understanding to solve the issue. I do not like making wrong decisions that arise from poor listening abilities (Covey, & Merrill, 2009).
Three Behaviors I Need To Improve
I need to develop my aptitude to confront reality. At times, I have problems accepting negative criticism or dealing with difficult situations. I understand that this could derail the successes of programs in the unit. Confronting reality changes how I think and manage situations in the unit. I also need to improve on clarification of expectation. There are times I communicate poorly with my fellow nursing staff, and fail to clarify my expectations from them. I also need to improve on my accountability, by expecting my actions to be scrutinized. I also need to improve on my degrees of holding others accountable because most of the times I avoid conflict (Covey, & Merrill, 2009).
Covey, S. & Merrill, R. (2009). The speed of trust: The one thing that changes everything.
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The Speed of Trust Part 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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