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According to Tracy (2009) if the future of health workers is ignored, the future of healthcare provision will also be negatively affected. Nursing being a medical unit with a lot of…
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Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health
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The future of nursing affiliation The future of nursing The future of healthcare provision depends on the future of an effective healthcare workforce. According to Tracy (2009) if the future of health workers is ignored, the future of healthcare provision will also be negatively affected. Nursing being a medical unit with a lot of responsibility in the field healthcare organizations has been with concern about their future. The future of nurses is greatly influenced the quality of training and education the nurses get. With many institutions training nurses the quality of education and training nurses get is questionable. However, with stakeholders showing great concern, different organizations and reports have come up with various options of dealing with the problem.
The institute of medicine provided an article with recommendations. One of the recommendations was to increase the number of nurses significantly by the year 2020. To increase this, governments should ensure the number of students with doctorate degrees. In addition to that the number of student admitted to medical schools should also be increased significantly. According to Simon & Heather (2007) the increased number of students enroll to medical schools will be of important when it comes to provision of human resource in the field. The IOM also recommended the quality provision of education and skills by the medical institutions. It would only be logic to provide a large number of nurses with the quality skills (Tracy, 2009). In the report the IOM also recommends that nurse be provided with improved educational after the curriculum training. With this demands, the time frame to achieve all this has brought up debates.
With the recommendations being realistic and appropriate, a appropriate timeline should be drafted. After 10 years the period is long enough to provide education to more students but it could not be enough for training and recruiting new nurses. It this scenario it is recommended that the time frame be extended (Leslie, 2011). However, analysts think that the timeframe should not be necessary. Working under a timeframe, will not provide the required results. In a timeframe there is room for pressure, tension and rush to beat the deadline. This may hinder proper training to nurse.
If the recommendation and timeframe are integrated and create a good program, they could greatly impact the nursing profession. According to Leslie (2011) the only way to achieve an upgraded system in nursing, stakeholders should have discipline and commitment. With great concern from all the stakeholders, it is possible to improve the nursing profession. In IOM report, they also recommended the improvement of infrastructure.
The most important factor in improving the nursing profession should be guided by the timeframe and recommendations of the IOM. This will have the greatest impact and will improve the nursing profession (Simon & Heather, 2007).
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