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600 - Case Study Example

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George recently fell on the floor and taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with ischemic stroke. His current medical diagnosis revealed…
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600 case study
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Download file to see previous pages Often patients with ischemic stroke develop should be assessed for a wide variety of medical physiological symptoms. Recent literature suggests that one of the greatest predisposing factors to ischemic stroke often related to cardiac problems and diseases; which as a result give rise to characteristic neurological problems.
Symptoms of ischemic stroke varied and attributed to many factors. As Feigin (2005) points out, one or more of the observed risk factors may increase the chances of development of the disease, for most patients, there is no sure sign that a stroke would occur.
Subsequently, Bharucha et al, (1988) also claimed that the most common risk of stroke is family history and age. Other studies also suggests that other important predisposing risk factors to the disease include, patients with high blood pressure, which has since then been reported in 70% of medical patients, high level of cholesterol in blood, frequent cigarette smoking, diabetes mellitus, obesity, cardiovascular diseases in patients with history of occurrence of heart attack, vascular malformation and alcoholics. (American Heart Association, 2009)
Equally, Sridharan, (1992) notes that acute stroke is a severe disease and as such 40% of the patients with stroke especially in acute stage often develop symptoms that are associated with speech difficulties or even difficulties in food swallowing experienced in varying degrees. George’s diagnosis revealed that he had speech related problems that could explain why his stroke would were at an acute stage and such fell into a coma. Despite these physical complications resulting from damage to brain tissue, other resulting complications cause by stroke include constipation, blood clot formation in the lower limbs, depression, pressure sore, swallowing disorders among others.
Besides looking at the clinical symptoms characteristic of the disease, an examining doctor will look at the presence of predisposing risk factors of the disease ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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