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Health Promotion - Theoretical Written Report - Essay Example

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Professor Topic: Health Promotion The world confronts health challenges on reducing the risks posed ten leading causes of mortality and morbidity. Globally, the top leading causes of death of the century are atherosclerosis (heart disease and stroke), cancer, septicemia or neonatal infections, tuberculosis, diarrhea, dementia and alzheimer’s disease, accidental injuries, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, respiratory tract infection, cancer and heart diseases…
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Health Promotion - Theoretical Written Report
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Download file to see previous pages It’s bit odd that in highly urbanized country where medical facilities are accessible, many persons die at early age still. This happened albeit how medical experts posit advancement in managing illnesses and death using advance medical technology. Health advocates have also criticized how industrialization brought deterioration of sanitation which is further aggravated by pollution, thus, posing more health risks and vulnerabilities (Brunello, Fort, Schneeweis, & Winter-Ebmer, 2011a, pp. 1-23). Amid these challenges, the world needs to advance its health awareness while government departments for general welfare must promote health education to transform lifestyles and advocate for better living (Brunello, Fort, Schneeweis, & Winter-Ebmer, 2011a, pp. 1-23). Factors that can be attributed to health risks are unbalanced and non-nutritional diet. Many teens and children prefer processed foods which are mixed with some preservatives that are unhealthy as intake. The increasing pollution from industries and companies has also contributed to lung cancer and respiratory tract infection. ...
truction of our ecosystem due to incessant logging and mining operations reap us off of the protective layers from extreme heat of the sun and the consequence of unpredictable tilt as earth rotates in its axis. These factors affecting ill-health and diseases truly necessitate strategic measures to transform adult and children’s behavior to reduce premature death, illnesses, and abuses. The latter is attributed to the fact that modernized people adapted liberal lifestyle immersed oddly with vices and drugs. Healthy lifestyle should therefore be promoted vigorously through education, policy formulation and stringent enforcement with quality monitoring of health programs (Christensen, 2004, pp. 223-243). Health education Health education remained a pivotal strategy to introduce a shift of perspective among people. It should be acculturated to them that health is primarily caring about body and thus, demand the significance of healthy food and a good sleep at night. Some biological reactions and changes are undertaken mostly when people are rested, thus, workloads should be sensitized to body-clock too. Nightlife should be discouraged as an unhealthy lifestyle. Health education should be undertaken using strategic approaches to empower community to make healthy choices and accord to them the necessary tools or facilities to address concerns pertaining to their health-related needs (HM Government, 2010, pp. 1-85). Public health should also therefore educate people about the use of organically produced vegetables as alternative to constant eating of meat and alcohol, hence, concrete answers to malnutrition. Children at homes and schools should be also monitored for vaccination and healthcare (HM Government, 2010, pp. 1-85). Parent should likewise be taught of responsible ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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