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In the paper “Nursing Act Requirements” the author analyzes a sensitive profession that involves taking care of patients of all kind. Despite conflicting demands and time constrains, nurses are expected to be good and act well to their patients. Nursing act provides guidelines to their behaviour…
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Nursing Practice Act Requirements
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Nursing Act Requirements
Nursing is a sensitive profession that involves taking care of patients of all kind. Despite conflicting demands and time constrains, nurses are expected to be good and act well to their patients. Nursing act provides guidelines to their behaviour.
The entry into nursing is the first filter of characters that join this profession. After entry by academic qualification, assessing personal characteristics of applicants to eliminate unsuitable applicants is necessary. In addition, assessing sensitivity of students to patients help in determining if they fit into the career or not. On joining the profession, Nurses should perform their duties with due diligence and care. Every action of a nurse should point to the well being of a patient. For instance, a nurse may deceive patients about improvement of their health to avoid unnecessary fear.
A code of ethics guides the nurses to act professionally, honestly, and with integrity. This calls for a nurse to be knowledgeable of their work, compassionate, flexible, patient centred, have people skills, and think critically. Unlike in the nursing profession where every nurse owes a duty of care to patients entrusted to them, celebrities do not owe a duty of care to their fans. They give their views in songs, poems, and speeches and expect their fans to make good judgements and pick what concerns them. Most of celebrity’s profession have no code of ethics and thus they operate on good morals.
In conclusion, even after due care is taken in selecting persons to join nursing profession where proper education is given, some nurses still practise in the dark side. According to Attewill and Snow as quoted in Medsurg journal, there is need to acknowledge that incompetent nurses continue to practise, avoidance, and intentional acts against patient still take place, which calls for the need for further study (Wolf, 2012).
Wolf R. Z. (2012). Nursing Practise Breakdowns: Good and Bad Nursing. Medsurg Nursing Journal .21(1). Read More
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