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The researcher of this essay aims at applying theory to a practice problem in nursing. The conclusion from this study states that there is need to facilitate reforms as far as the curriculum is concerned so that a larger proportion of the training schedule is allocated practically…
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Applying Theory to a practice problem in nursing
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Nursing is a critical aspect of healthcare provision and needs more practical approach. In the wake of increased campaign for quality healthcare, nurses come into focus. It is worth to note that some factors need to be taken into consideration in the effort to improve the performance of healthcare professionals and nurses in particular. Past literature review indicates a worrying trend in the nurses increasing underperformance as far as patients’ attention is concerned. They are the backbone of healthcare provision in the society and therefore require sound training with smooth transition from theory to practical. Handling of patients is one of the greatest duties and requires enough preparation in training and learning so that loss of life is minimized (McKenna & Slevin, 2008).
Several scholars have noted an alarming rate of half-baked nursing graduates with a lot of theory and limited practical back up. This is reflected in the increasing number fatal mistakes committed against patient. In this case, there is a particular focus on patient progress record taking. This is one of the problems that is much debated about in the healthcare sector and touches on the level of incompetency in nurses. The question that many people ask is where the problem must have come from. Blesi, et al. (2012) claims that the probable answer in this case is mismatch between theory learnt in class and practice in healthcare facilities.
The subject of patient progress record taking is not small per se as it requires requisite skills to observe even marginal changes in the patient each minute. This is a nursing practice that can only be achieved through a collaborative approach by the hospitals and training institution. It emanates from limited exposure to practical in the form of lengthy internship, inadequate training facilities for practical and poor communication skills that can be traced to unprocedural training. Progress of the patient is a significant determinant if the quality of service delivered by the healthcare providers and attention given by nurses. Failure to record this important data costs the healthcare facility, patient and even the nurse. With the increasing patient safety advocates, the nurses faces legal battle if they fail to act within their ability to avert such fatalities that may arise from such incompetence (Blesi,et al.2012). It is important that nursing trainees are taken through periodic internship in hospitals so that they interact with patients and learn the concept of observation from a practical view. This would facilitate conversion of the theoretical classwork into real world situation which is important in this profession. Several instances of poor observation skills and limited knowledge of communication have led to the lacking record taking on the progress of the patients. This is important as it could initiate change of treatment; prescription among other measures. The practical consequences of such omissions have led to death of patients and an ensuing legal battle.
There is need to expose the nursing professionals to various equipment and this case communication gadgets and note taking tools are important. In regard to patient progress record taking, the nurses need to have outstanding ability to make observation with precision and record this data with high level of accuracy. This is only possible if they had been taken through practical application of such modern record taking kits like tablets and even hand written summary of observed changes.
On the healthcare facility management side, failure to take record of patient progress may lead to billing problem which translate to revenue losses. This may be as a result of prescriptions not noted for bills by the nurse. It equally exposes the hospital management at the risk of legal suit for negligence and poor patient safety measures as the nurses act as agents of the hospital. As McKenna & Slevin, (2008) puts it ,part of the training curriculum, communication skills are a common course for all as it plays a critical role in performing various duties. Though most nurses may have the theoretical concepts of communication, applying it in a healthcare center may be a problem. This is because there is a slight incompatibility between theory learnt in class and its real life application. Taking the case of record taking, the nurses may have the note taking skills but owing to the many patients’ needs, they may fail to adjust and point out only key issues.
There is need to facilitate reforms as far as he curriculum is concerned so that a larger proportion of the training schedule is allocated practical. Even for the working nurses, there in need for constant on-job training programs that promotes adaptability to the changing healthcare requirements. Transition from theoretical knowledge to nursing practice defines the quality of service in the healthcare sector.

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McKenna, H. P., & Slevin, O. (2008). Nursing models, theories and practice. Oxford: Blackwell Pub. Read More
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