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Total knee replacement surgery is done to increase mobility in individuals and it involves fitting artificial surfaces to the knee joints to hold the weight of an individual. This procedure is performed on individuals who are rendered immobile by knee complications caused by…
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Post-operative pain management
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Download file to see previous pages This paper wills address the post operative management of pain for people who have undergone total knee replacement Surgery. The resultant physiotherapy and required exercises can result in patients experiencing substantial amounts of pain. Pain signifies trauma to the body and may be as result of tissue damage from injury, surgery, and diseases. Pain causes discomfort, immobility, and various biological responses that inhibit normal functioning of the body and its management becomes a necessary tool in nursing (Alfred, 2007).
After total knee cap replacement surgery, effective pain relief measures are necessary for humane reasons and to facilitate an effective postoperative recovery, which necessitates intensive physiotherapy to reduce recovery time and facilitate mobility in most patients. Different people have different tolerances for pain and it is necessary to consider the individual patients before commencing on a post operation pain relief plan. Other important considerations that must be considered include clinical factors, patient related factors, and local factors. Post operative nursing care for patients who have undergone total knee replacement may include a combination of various procedures including education, assessment of pain, pharmacological, and non-pharmacological interventions. 
Pain management is deeply integrated and ingrained in medicine and is especially invaluable in patients who have undergone major and minor surgeries. Total knee replacement surgery is done to alleviate pain in the knees and is highly successful in restoring mobility. Though expensive, it is economically justifiable due to increased mobility that reduces reliance on other members of the society. The procedure results in post operative pain, which if not well managed can lead to chronic pains and disability (Eccleston, 2011).
Post operative pain management practices are often hindered by costs, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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