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A clinical setting has many problems most of which are brought about by the health workers themselves and are within their control but the rest are not. This will be a research about one of the major problems encountered in the clinical setting and how information to verify this…
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Identify an area/problem in your own clinical setting/practice of interest to you
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Topic: Against Green Energy Affiliation: A clinical setting has many problems most of which are brought about by the health workers themselves and are within their control but the rest are not. This will be a research about one of the major problems encountered in the clinical setting and how information to verify this claim can be collected. The problem identified and to be discussed is the hygienic negligence of health workers and how that affects the patients in the clinic.
The research question that is seeking to be answered from this question is “How does the hygienic negligence of health workers in a clinic affect the patients?” This research question is meant to gather information that addresses the type of hygienic negligence by health workers and whether or not it affects the health of patients in the clinic or even hospital setting.
The research methodology comprises of the sampling technique and data collection instruments and methodology. The research design appropriate for this kind of research is cross-sectional research design (Babbie 2010 Pg 91). This type of sampling will cut across both the public and private run clinics. This is important for comparison purposes in order to determine where cases of hygienic negligence are most common.
The data will be collected using questionnaires, interview schedules and focus group discussions (Babbie 2010 Pg 100). The questionnaires will be handed to the health workers working in those chosen clinics and will contain questions specifically addressing hygiene in the clinics. The interviews will be on the clinic management committee who will give statistics on the cases of hygienic negligence reported. Finally, the focus group discussion will target patients and specifically those that have witnessed cases of hygienic negligence in those clinics.
All the health workers and patients cannot be included in the research and hence quota sampling will be used to pick those that will be included in the study. The quotas will be of patients, health workers and management of those clinics and they will be picked randomly. The management quota will have twenty people picked randomly from both public and private clinics, while the patients and health workers quotas will have fifty individuals each also from both public and private clinics.
The data to be collected from health workers will involve purely how they handle hygiene within the clinics and what measures are in place to ensure hygiene is maintained. On the part of patients, they will give information on how they have witnessed hygiene being exercised by the health workers and to explain cases of hygiene negligence and if it has affected them and how.
This methodology is good but it has a few limitations. One of the limitations is on how to validate the information given by the entire sample group. Cases of bias are likely to occur and especially in the questionnaire where the health workers might fail to give the correct information due to fear of the implications.
The other limitation concerns the settings of the research. This is so because the private clinics may refuse to participate in the research and hence making the research not answer its research question completely. The other setting problem is on picking the clinics and ensuring that they represent the situation undergone by other clinics. This is in order to ensure generalizability of the results.
Babbie, E. (2010). The Practice of Social Research. New York: Cengage Learning. Read More
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