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In the video, Melinda Gates talked about global health and global development and how the foundation helped resolve it through their health efforts in India. Her main question is: How can I help? The problem, as Gates already stressed, is “so vast” and complex, that it seems…
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Global Technology
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Blog posting 23 November Blog Posting In the video, Melinda Gates talked about global health and global development and how the foundation helped resolve it through their health efforts in India. Her main question is: How can I help? The problem, as Gates already stressed, is “so vast” and complex, that it seems that I cannot contribute meaningfully to resolve it. Her story about Bihar, nevertheless, underscored that I can do something to help address the burden of disease in national and international levels too. The primary impact of the video is to encourage me to also take pride in my “niche,” because what I do on a personal level can have impacts on global scales too. I only have to focus on what I can do as a healthcare professional in my level and try to find out how this can be scaled up to macro levels.
I realized that I have to be perceptive of my work and the conditions of my patients. For instance, when working with pregnant women, I also have to examine what their problems are that deter them from getting adequate health care. Some patients have problems with having regular check-ups, because their transportation system is as bad as Bihars. And if there is a scarcity of healthcare personnel, few of them can conduct monthly check-ups in scattered communities. My suggestion is that the government should train local women to be midwives, so that the latter can provide some form of regular check-ups for pregnant women. This solution will not only improve healthcare among communities, but also address the employment needs of many impoverished women. In addition, this midwifery training framework can also be applied in similar cases, so that solutions at the micro level can be raised to global levels too.
Gates, M. TEDxChange @ Delhi: Melinda Gates. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Retrieved from Read More
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