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This can be done by making all employees participate in decision-making so that everyone comes up with innovative ideas to help achieve a better solution to a specific problem. To make the employees feel…
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Portfolio artifact :empowerment in the leadership environment in my organization
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Portfolio Artifact It is important for the organization to adapt new ways and fresh ideas. This can be done by making all employees participate in decision-making so that everyone comes up with innovative ideas to help achieve a better solution to a specific problem. To make the employees feel free in raising their voices, it is important for the management to hold sessions with them individually and in groups so that their problems are listened to and solved (Brown, Travino & Harrison, 2005). The management must be aware of the fact that employee empowerment is a necessary ingredient of high productivity and progress. Employees should be encouraged to question because this increases job satisfaction. Arranging meetings with them is an efficient way to achieve this. Accepting mistakes during learning improves the learning process. Employees should be encouraged to make mistakes through moral support from the management’s side. An ethical leader must know that nobody learns without doing mistakes, and should be able to explain the errors and their solutions to the employees (Freeman & Stewart, 2006). Group members must be given opportunities to excel as leaders through motivation, encouragement and support. Leaders of an organization should appreciate such employees who follow them in their leadership, and should give them incentives for their hard work so that they excel as future leaders. To open the channels of communication, the leaders must create such a collaborative platform where all employees share their problems among each other and with the management. This develops healthy relationships at the workplace and the overall organizational culture is improved.
Brown, M.E., Travino, L.K., & Harrison, D.A. (2005). Ethical leadership: A social learning perspective for construct development and testing. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 97(2), pp. 117-134.
Freeman, R., & Stewart, L. (2006). What is ethical leadership? Developing Ethical Leadership. Retrieved August 18, 2011, from Read More
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