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Portfolio Artifacts - Assignment Example

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Because of the ever changing factors affecting a project, a project should be able to make successful plans so as to ensure its future sustainability and extension of its objectives once it has managed to achieve its current objectives. This paper seeks to identify the future of…
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Portfolio Artifacts
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Extract of sample "Portfolio Artifacts"

Download file to see previous pages The presentation was careful to use a large font size of size 30 so as to ensure that the presentation will clearly be visible to an audience of that size.
A key untapped potential of the program project is its expansion into offering counseling services to victims of child abuse and neglect. These services can be offered to persons who were abused or neglected when they were children and still suffer from the effects of their experiences, and also to child victims who have undergone the trauma of maltreatment and abuse. The program can also look into ways of offering joint counseling services to both the parents or guardians convicted of abusing their children, and the children who were being subjected to the neglect and maltreatment. If implemented, this will serve to assist family units to reunite, avoid breakups and mend faster. This is because the children will get a chance of rebuilding their broken confidence in their guardians or parents in a controlled environment (Mannarino & Deblinger, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Portfolio Artifacts Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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..., competencies, reinforced norms, et cetera. A more binding reinforcement for an organization aspiring an adaptive culture is the top management’s commitment. Additionally, the organization’s people should be tirelessly reminded of the purpose of such adaptive culture. Both commitment and purpose are consistent ‘reinforcers’ of any desired organizational culture, and adaptive culture is no exception. Cultural Artifacts I think that our organization has a relatively strong culture. First, because everybody knows what and who we do for; more than just profit or bonuses, we serve people. Every business unit, whether directly or indirectly involved, recognized its part in the whole value chain. In other words, each...
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...needs to ask here include; what type of artifacts will be included in the portfolio and how are such entries going to be classified? This stage therefore involves identification of various portfolio items which may be determined by assessment context as well as the kind of evidence that is to be collected. Selection of the most suitable software development tools for the portfolio context together with available resources. This stage also involves identification of the storage together with presentation medium most suitable for the given situation. 3. Reflection-Reflection generally is the soul and heart of any portfolio. It provides the basis for why...
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...Autumn Leaves Location: Mainland St. and Smithe St. “Every leaf speaks bliss to me/ Fluttering from the autumn tree” (Bronthe 3-4). In these lines, Emily Bronthe speaks of nature’s positive effect on emotions. Imprinted on the pavement where an actual tree stands are these leaves ubiquitously placed one after the other. At a certain angle the leaves almost look like they are in pairs and in a row. Some are heavily etched on the concrete while others are ever so lightly marked with some parts of the leaf not as pronounced. No evidence can be had on the origins of this artifact. Whether it was placed intentionally as some form of unexpected decoration or the leaves naturally fell and left their mark. Judging from the detail... of the...
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