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Name: Course: Tutor: Institution: Introduction Home / Landing introductory page It is important to highlight the reason for the choice of the image displayed. The image has six portions. The six collectively represent the whole semester period. In the image, you can clearly see the courses that I took during the semester as a student…
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Download file to see previous pages Table of content SLO 1 Assessment SLO 2 Assessment SLO 3 Assessment SLO 1 Assessment The artifact shown on the of in the form map is shows the various stages of the human evolution. In the map it can be vividly seen that the various places where the remains were discovered. During a virtual field excursion that we went as class in the course of the semester, we visited these places and we interacted with areas’ tour guides who took us through the places and explained to us the various features of the man in the olden days. The many forms of transformation that has occurred in them from the earlier days until the evolution of the current man were also highlighted. The artifact demonstrates my proficiency in the understanding of the multicultural literacy. This is seen in the case where the guide took us round the places and actually never spoke in the common language but rather chose to speak their vernacular. If it were not for the so many languages that we got trained over in the course of the semester, we would have actually come out of the place without any point driven home (Diana 2013). In the excursion, I managed to make predictions and even confirmed my worldwide knowledge of the languages, religious backgrounds, ethnic backgrounds as well as the different ways of life, culture. My knowledge of the regions in the world was another good credit on my side. There was a lot of diversity in the ways of lives that the people lived in the areas that we visited during the excursion. The main aim of the excursion was to boost the students’ knowledge in the different areas of study that had been done in the course of the semester (Catherine 2006). SLO 2 Assessment The artifact presented is on cattle rearing in some parts of the area that we visited during the field excursion. It is important to note that it can be clearly evaluated that the these people in the communities that we interacted with reared exotic cattle breeds instead of the indigenous cattle breeds that were reared in the historical times in these areas. The language that they spoke was their vernacular language and this was again not a major problem because of the multi-language nature that is always attached to the tourism industry (Diana 2013). We therefore managed to be in terms with the people and took note of every point that came out of their mouths for our analysis and proper evaluation in class. It is important to note that linguistics is a very important factor to consider in the tourism classes like for the case of me. The truth of the matter is that you must be well conversant with the languages that you suspect your clients will probably use during your interaction with them. I learned the various ways of livs and appreciated he modes the people dressed in. culture isone of he most attracting aspecs in th tours ndi appreciated h diverse cultres (Diana 2013). SLO 3 Assessment In this assessment, the artifacts that will be used in the demonstration of how the research question are formulated. In this artifact, it can be clearly noted that the research questions were being formulated. It is important to note that in this, the research questions that were formulated touched so much on the cultural environmental issues. This artifact again was an evidence of how I interacted with people from various religious backgrounds. The cultural diversity that was portrayed by these people was quite fascinating. The diversity was in the modes of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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