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This paper will represent the assessment of the Brooklyn community. The analysis includes a discussion about General Characteristics of the Population and dentification of Strengths and Weaknesses Exhibited by the Community and Rationale for the Choices…
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Brooklyn Community Assesment
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Download file to see previous pages In order to gather data about the Brooklyn community, various US governmental reports and annual reports of the organizations or the agencies dealing with this particular community have been effectively utilized. Apart from these, valuable data about the community has been gathered through utilizing varied reliable sources including newspapers, websites and community magazines of the US. In order to describe the boundaries of Brooklyn community, it will be vital to mention that a huge proportion of the individuals residing within this community uneducated, which eventually imposed adverse impact on its development. Justifiably, the prevalence of low literacy rate has caused employment related problems in Brooklyn community at large. As per the report published by City of New York (2012), the prevalence of greater unemployment rate has certainly emerged the conduct of numerous violent activities in the locality of Brooklyn community (City of New York, 2012). Apart from this, it can also be ascertained that medical science and hospital facilities are not up to satisfactory mark, which has been troubling the citizens residing within Brooklyn community. Thus, mortality rate of Brooklyn community is higher than that of the average mortality rate of the US. The report of New York City College of Technology (2013) stated that one out of three adults does not insure their life in Brooklyn community. Similarly, 31 % of the residents within Brooklyn do not get involved in having medical check-up regularly. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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