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The stool is usually hard, dry and less. Sometime it is gets too painful when passing it. Almost every person gets constipated and sometime it can last for short…
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Introduction Constipation means that people usually have bowel movement fewer times in a week or less than three times ina week. The stool is usually hard, dry and less. Sometime it is gets too painful when passing it. Almost every person gets constipated and sometime it can last for short time and may not be serious (, 1). Different people have different meaning of constipation. Some have painful and difficult time to pass while others with constipation lacks energy and feel bloated. The kind of food that people eat and the amount of exercise are factors that can affect the bowels behavior (NDDIK& NIH, 1).
According to Mitchelle, constipation is an embarrassing topic to talk about though is a common problem that affects people. Constipation makes one feel uncomfortable, sluggish, bloated and heavy. Removal of waste from the body regularly makes one healthy and is vital to living. Constipation diagnosis is based upon the symptom displayed, medical history and physical examination. Mostly, constipation is diagnosed by a doctor or self-diagnosis. However there are situation where the doctor feels that there is a need to carry out some test and special diagnosis for more complicated cases of constipation that is chronic (2).
In India, most patients who have constipation are the middle-aged men and have a sense of incomplete bowel movement. Abdominal discomfort is not universal but can be frequent. When a research was carried in India stool frequency was similar irrespective of whether the patient constipated or had a diarrhea. Ninety percent had one or two stools per day and these symptoms were complex and suggested presence of IBS. Study from India have used western criteria have defined constipation, indeterminate was found to be the most common symptoms’ among patients who presented themselves with chronic functional lower GI symptoms, but majority of them had predominant constipation. Studies have shown that women are more prone to constipation as compared to men in most parts of the world but in India, more men are reported to be having constipation than female. These tests were hospital based (Goshal, 1&5).
The nurses should create a healthy care plan so that they can keep the patient with good health. They should mobilize the patient and encourage them to have regular exercise or attend exercise classes. This will help stimulate the patient to have a bowel movement. The information that they got during the NP practice, should be used to educate the patient and help them review the kind of diet component a patient should consume, the amount of fiber, fruits and vegetables (Kay, 1).
Constipation can also alternate with diarrhea and this pattern occurs as a part of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) (Goshal, 2). At the end of constipation spectrum is fecal impaction, a condition in which the stool is hard and the rectum prevents its passage. Number of bowel movement reduces with age. Medically explanation, constipations defined as passing of stool less than three times a week while severe constipation is defined as less than one bowel movement per week. It is very important to distinguish between acute and chronic constipation, acute constipation requires a fast assessment because of the underlying serous medical illness such as tumor of the colon (Jay, 1).
Constipation can be successfully treated by changing the lifestyle that one has and also changing the diet- without necessarily need for OTC or drugs prescription. Nurses should discourage the use of over the counter drug and go the natural way since is the best approach to leading a healthy life. Constipation is a sign that changes need to be made in our lifestyle. There are natural remedies that Indians use for constipation and holistic treatment that can help treat the symptoms and bring easier digestion. These natural laxatives do not have side effects like the OTC drugs. The natural remedies contain herb and homeopathic contents that can restore regularity and balance to the digestive system. These herbs include Taraxacum officinales (Dandelion), Passiflora incarnate and Aloe Ferox (Mitchelle, 1).
Constipation can be prevented by changing totally the life style one have and looking forward to leaving a healthy life. By so doing, one should avoid holding bowel movements and taking of fluids. Additionally, one should avoid foods with less fiber such as ice cream cheese; meat, snacks and processed food and instead take many kinds of fiber-rich foods. Plenty of water is also a requirement to avoid dehydration that in turn causes constipation. Moreover, one should always check with the doctor concerning the kind of medicine they are taking because some medicines can cause constipation, not to mention that one should not delay visiting a restroom whenever they have an urge for bowel movement.
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