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Nursing and Unions - Research Paper Example

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In the paper “Nursing and Unions” the author discusses nursing as a commendable profession because the people who adopt his profession take care of health and lives of people without considering their own rest and comfort timings…
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Nursing and Unions
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Extract of sample "Nursing and Unions"

Download file to see previous pages These conditions require some control and for controlling these negativities, nursing unions are there. With the help of unions, the nurses can get their due rights according to their hard work and the efficacy of unions cannot be rejected.
Nurses accommodate the people with appropriate strategies that can be adopted for gaining optimal health. The vitality of nurses cannot be negated in the profession of healthcare. Nurses work as individuals as well as groups to help the needy people in terms of health. Nowadays, the lack of attraction towards nursing profession poses a serious concern for the health based departments and public health is endangered. The nurses have the right to gain positive reception for their hard work and in gaining that positive reception, unions play a positive part.
Some nurses believe, that one alternative to the current slide in morale is to join together as a collective voice to bring about a change in the healthcare profession, which in turn is boosting the participation in nursing unions. It may lead to improved patient outcome because of increased job satisfaction and increased safety measures designed to protect both nurses and the patients. Because of unionization, more people will be encouraged to join nursing as a profession as they will be sure that their due rights will not be rejected and they will be taken care of.
The nurses unions represent industrial interests of nurses employed under all awards and agreements, in both the public and private sectors. Its primary function is to protect the interest of nurses in this profession. Moreover, the association represents and provides for the professional, educational and industrial welfare of nurses in government and non government forums at state, national and international level. (Koontz & Weihrich, 2006)
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