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Public Health in Nursing Practice - Essay Example

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This paper will try to analyze the current trends of drug abuse in the United Kingdom and its effects to public health and social policies. Public characteristics or demographics refer to the characteristics which a certain part or subgroup share as a population. …
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Public Health in Nursing Practice
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Download file to see previous pages This essay approves that there are several characteristics of the population of the United Kingdom that can draw attention as they pose threat to the public health. Among these is the increasing concern that the population’s abusive patterns with regard to drug abuse is drawing. In a report of the UK Drug Policy Commission, the people of UK were identified to be the highest consumer of prohibited drugs in all Europe. This has also resulted to the increase of drug-related deaths which pushed it to the second spot among the European countries with high drug-related deaths statistics as well. Such deaths have been identified to be due to “poisoning, drug abuse, or drug dependence”
This report makes a conclusion that drug abuse and dependence is indeed a public health concern that does not only affect the United Kingdom but the rest of the world as well. As a result, local, national and even international programs to respond to its negative threats are needed. The demographic trends and the behavior of the British people towards the use of recreational drugs which is identified to be “cultural” in origin is indeed alarming since it has been related to many severe health conditions and even risks to security that puts the health of the community as a whole in jeopardy. Although improvement is now apparent, the Government, health organizations and other related agencies must not only make policies to fight drug abuse as public a concern but also continue to monitor and evaluate these policies for the purpose of public health maintenance and improvement through the use of indicators such as demographic trends. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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