The Effects of Nursing Interventions to Enhance Mental Health and Quality of Life Among Individuals with Heart Failure - Assignment Example

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The researchers administered three specific intervention methods for improving patients’ quality of life; mutual goal setting, supportive-educative, and placebo.  The article specifically seeks to understand and improve patient quality of life issues through nursing intervention…
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The Effects of Nursing Interventions to Enhance Mental Health and Quality of Life Among Individuals with Heart Failure
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Download file to see previous pages The study is investigating the effect that nurse intervention has upon individuals suffering from heart disease. The incidence of anxiety and depression is recognized as a comorbid condition of these patients, accompanying the physical deterioration of diagnosed patients. In the interest of identifying nursing strategies that will improve patients’ perception of well-being, the authors focus upon two intervention strategies; mutual goal setting where the nurse works with the patient to establish and prioritize personal goals, and supportive-educative where patients who need to learn self-care but cannot are given guidance, support, and instruction. The literature review is well done and thorough, using recent sources for those aspects of the discussion that require timely analysis, e.g., fourteen years before this study, it was well known that quality of life issues was subjective and personal, so employing and an older source is not a critical issue. The authors have established the validity, quality, and credibility of their sources. When the authors begin discussing and citing information based on psychological studies, however, advances in that area of research require up-to-date sources and older studies would lack reliable data. In this case, those aspects of the literature review that require modernity are properly supported with research performed within the previous few years of this study, and the sources used are reliable and known in the field.  The authors are nurses, as are the research assistants they employed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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