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Fatigue in Adolescents with Cancer - Literature review Example

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This paper talks that cancer in adolescents is quite prevalent in the contemporary period. There are different influences which cancer brings for the adolescents like in different stages of cancer the adolescents catch social, psychological, physical and spiritual influences. It is actually -diagnosis, which brings impressions for adolescents changing their lives in the most disturbing manner. …
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Fatigue in Adolescents with Cancer
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Download file to see previous pages t which the literature highlights for adolescents surviving chronic cancers – tuberculosis, Melanoma, Leukemia, or Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (Carroll, 2010). According to the contemporary medical research, the chances of adolescent survival in cancers by psychological treatments have increased, due which the activities regarding understanding the psychological concepts “quality of life” have increased too (Kelly, 2008). The medical practitioners for bringing up the effective care have come along to understand adolescents’ psychosocial consequences in-relation to the quality of life for surviving the cancer (Kelly, 2008). This is to give a close understanding on the concept of QoL which significantly relates to the adolescents’ survivorship pattern (Elizabeth, 2011). Meanwhile, the other majority of the practitioners are on the basic treatment procedures. They are concerned about the reduction of pain, difficulty and physiological fatigue which a cancer patient normally carries (Eilertsen et al., 2012). The contemporary literature of medicines gives a subjective explanation about adolescents’ the quality of life in cancer. There is no specific or clear definition about the concept, therefore the literature sticks to give broad and subjective explanation about the concept of the quality of life (Gibson, 2003). From a broad view, QoL can be classified in two types, psychological QoL and physiological QoL (Eilertsen et al., 2012). In this way, the literature uncovers two basic classifications which indicate that when an adolescent is in the survivorship period, it has both psychological and physiological fatigues affecting his or her psychological and physiological qualities of life (Eilertsen et al., 2012). Cancer fatigue relates to the quality of life. It has a...
This paper stresses that adolescents having cancer abide in the poor quality of life situation, as they are continuously intervened by most serious and severe disease – cancer. World Health Organization describes quality of life as a psychological situation in which the person is happy, satisfied and socially active. QoL is one psychological concept that relates to adolescents’ psychological and social life behaviors. In this way, the literature uncovers two basic classifications of QoL, which are psychological and physiological fatigues affecting patient’s psychological and physiological qualities of life.
This report makes a concluison that in the modern research and understanding, there are different psychological affects which young cancer patients have during the survivorship. There are influences such as separation anxiety, depression, stress, and sometimes, fear and paranoia. It depends on adolescents’ cancer state and also on the coping capability that how the patient resists and restricts cancer at the time of development. The contemporary literature uncovers that there are late affects in adolescent cancer patients’ life, which changes their sociological setting. There are cases reported in which the social quality of life of children during cancer is highly affected. There are cases in which the young survivors face the problem in attaining “normalcy” as they are stuck in between living and surviving at the time of cancer development. The influences can be reduced, if each segment is doing well to bring the high in-depth support for the survivor in cancer. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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