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Physiology of Swimming - Essay Example

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Historical findings suggest that swimming has been acknowledged as regular physical exercise early as 2500 BC. In the earliest time documented, it transpires that swimming took place in Assyria, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Even so, in Rome, swimming was included in the curriculum of the elementary education of boys…
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Physiology of Swimming
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"Physiology of Swimming"

Download file to see previous pages Japanese people had a big swim crave. In the Pacific area, swimming was taught to children at a very young age. So young that the minute they could walk they were put in to water to swim. Swimming was and still is a big part of training to boxers for fights.
The important reason why humans can swim without falling to the bottom is because of surface area. If a regular sheet of paper and a crumpled one are dropped from a height at the same time, the one which is crumpled falls faster than the one that is regular. This is because of the surface area - the surface area of the sheet of paper is larger than the crumpled one, which makes it fall slower. The same concept applies to humans and water. Humans have a large surface area to their mass. This is why humans can stay afloat and swim. The more the surface area, the more water there is directly underneath the person swimming. The water underneath tends to keep the body up. (Lupton, 1923, 68) This is the same concept why huge aircraft carriers on the sea can stay afloat, even though they are very heavy and are a lot denser than the water. These ships and aircraft carriers are also very huge, and their size gives them a lot of surface area for the water to push them up.
The Front crawl is generally considered the fastest swimming style. It is also known as Freestyle. It has been observed that most amateur swimmers utilize this stroke in freestyle competitions. The preliminary pose for the front crawl style in swimming is on the breast, with both arms extended out in frontage and both legs stretched to the backside. Then while one arm is dragging/ approaching while the other arm is in the posture of recovering. The arm strokes offer most of the frontward movement, whereas the leg kicking in a quivering movement only offers some.
The stroke utilizes the flutter kick and an above the water arm recovery .in this position, the hand draws down the pretending middle line of the body, seizes the water, and thrusts it back towards the feet. The most useful force is producing during the last segment of the stroke that is called the finish. The face remains in the water while the water levels at about the swimmer's hairline. The flutter kick initiates from the hip. A calm ankle and foot are essential to have a successful kick. The knees curve lightly, but curving them in extensive frequency will guide to over kicking as well as to fatigue.
The swimmer is supposed to respire by gently sloping the head to the direction as the equation of arm on the breathing side becomes one-half to three- quarters of the channel through the stroke. The breathing should not disrupt the stroke. A breathe, during this exercise, should be taken every two three, or even four strokes to make certain ample oxygen delivery. The Front Crawl is one of the extensively used strokes in the United States, and is frequently the choice for fitness swimmers.

Elementary Backstroke
The Elementary Backstroke is supposed a quiescent stroke since it has a glide point and is a small energy stroke. The revitalization phase is completed under the water. The kick which is carried out in this respect is the Whip kick. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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