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An essay "Why Do You Want to be a Nurse?" outlines that the surgery only worsened the situation, and my fears only mounted from that time on. However, he did survive, and I believe that the nurses and doctors who helped him were nothing less than angels. …
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Why Do You Want to be a Nurse
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Why Do You Want to be a Nurse?
I selected the career of nursing based on experiences I’ve had with my own family. My son was born prematurely and weighed only two pounds. The doctors made no guarantees as to his survival, and I was told to wait 72 hours before they could tell me anything. After 48 pain-filled hours, my son’s lungs collapsed and two tubes had to be placed in his bronchus to help him breathe. The surgery only worsened the situation, and my fears only mounted from that time on. However, he did survive, and I believe that the nurses and doctors who helped him were nothing less than angels. Their concern for me and my son, as well as the passion I saw in those medical professionals, created a desire in me to be a nurse.
Another story I can tell is from my work experience. One day at work, I saw a man in the parking lot sitting in his car. The way he was sitting told me something was wrong. I knocked on his window, but he didn’t answer. It turned out that the man had had a stroke, and the doctor said if it had been ten minutes longer before the man got help, he wouldn’t have made it. Ever since, this man calls me up every Christmas to thank me for saving his life. I know that any day I go to work as a nurse might be the day I change someone’s life.

Explain why you chose the FHCHS (Florida Hospital College for Health Sciences) Nursing program, and why you chose to attend a Christian institution. I’ve lived in Florida for many years, and I choose to attend FHCHS because of its reputation, location, flexibility, and reasonable tuition. I will be able to take classes toward my BS degree while I am in the program. I choose to attend a Christian school because I was born a Christian, I went to a Christian school from elementary through my second year of high school, my father is a pastor, my brother-in-law is a pastor, and I married a pastor. So, the values of FHCHS are very compatible with my own.

Discuss any special interests or aptitudes you have that would make you a good nurse. I have worked as a certified nursing assistant since I was 19 years old, at the Boca Community Hospital for five years and the Delray Medical Center for three years. I have been working with medical staff for a long time, and I see how they make a difference in society every day.

Describe your personal values related to caring for people. I already love working in the medical field because it’s never boring. Every day I go to work and learn something new (or have a chance to save someone’s life!). I am genuinely compassionate toward people, and treat them with great respect and dignity, just as I would like to be treated. I enjoy the work of caring for people. Even though sometimes it’s not pleasant, all the work is necessary to help people who can’t help themselves. I treat my coworkers with respect, too, and I know that the more medical knowledge I have the better I will be at becoming part of that community. It will be an honor for me to join the ranks of medical professionals. Read More
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