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Conflict in Intensive Care Unit - Assignment Example

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The researcher is a nurse in a busy Intensive Care Unit. The nurse manager has decided to let the staff make their own schedules. The researcher of this essay will make an earnest attempt to answer some questions regarding the above scenario…
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Conflict in Intensive Care Unit
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that the players in this situation are the nurses as well as the nurse manager. Each nurse is involved, because he or she will have to decide on his or her shift, and the nurse manager is heading up the issue. The nurse manager appears to not be taking enough initiative to sort the issue out amongst the other nurses, and this can be a huge problem. This can easily result in the nurses becoming angry with each other and this can cause serious implications in the healthcare field. For instance, if a patient is very ill and the nurses are bickering amongst themselves about a scheduling problem, will the client get the proper care? This would need to be addressed immediately. There are two categories of nurses here that have different goals and values. The first category is the nurses who wish to keep their 8-hour shifts, and most of those nurses have worked in the department for 15 years or more. These are the more seasoned, veteran nurses, who have formed their lives around their current schedules, and are very used to eight-hour shifts. Thus, they feel most comfortable proceeding where they are at. This group of players thus wants to stay with the 8-hour shift schedule. The second category of nurses are those that wish to work 12 hours shifts and thus have more days off. There is no mention of these nurses’ working records, but it appears that these are the nurses who do not have as much veteran status and probably have more flexible schedules as well. The researcher will try a peace negotiation strategy for conflict resolution. His hope would be to attain some type of compromise. The researcher would first approach the veteran nurses and ask them for more information about their planned activities, in order to gauge how important, the situation is to them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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