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Holistic Comfort - Essay Example

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Nursing care is a core ingredient that determines the recovery and comfort of any patient and especially the ones with terminal illness. This paper, Holistic Comfort, is written to look at the importance of nursing care to terminally ill patients.  …
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Holistic Comfort
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Download file to see previous pages As the study stresses comfort is an intrinsic attribute of nursing and patient care practice. Holistic comfort is crucial in the healing process of a terminally ill patient.  It can be argued that the concept of holistic comfort is significant because it’s a key measure in which medical and health care standards are gauged. If a patient is not comfortable the chances of recovery are limited and this could result to detrimental effects. Nursing and health care practitioners are aware of the role played by comfort in the lives of their patients. This precipitates the nursing professionals to know the degree of comfort they avail to their patients and the impact the intervention on the patient.According to the report findings comfort has been ruled out as an appropriate measure with which patient satisfaction is measured. Comfort to patients affects the way they respond to medication and the treatments they are being offered in the hospital facility. On the other hand, there are however no operational or theoretical measures put in place to ensure that the standards of comfort are met but medical personnel can ensure that this is possible. There are several modes of instilling comfort on patient like touching and talking and listening to the patient. This actions makes the patient feel that people around him care and are concerned about his well being. Medical practitioners should just not be geared towards the treatment of the physical ailment but should also understand the physiological needs of a patient. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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