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The way Mark’s case is presented, proceeding logically from the initial cause of the question – the need to determine whether or not to have Mark attend a third year of kindergarten – through a brief description of Mark’s background establishes a reasonable tone and the suggestion that the information presented is as factual as it can be. …
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ADHD and the treatment
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Reflection Paper This reading presents, in a rather straightforward, unemotional way, the series of events and perceptions leading to the diagnosis of a single case of ADHD as well as the initial stages of the treatment planning. The way Mark’s case is presented, proceeding logically from the initial cause of the question – the need to determine whether or not to have Mark attend a third year of kindergarten – through a brief description of Mark’s background establishes a reasonable tone and the suggestion that the information presented is as factual as it can be. The description of Mark’s behavior patterns in the classroom also follows along the lines of unemotional, straightforward presentation. It isn’t until more than halfway through the article that Mark’s observed actions are actually reported, revealing that the teacher’s comments, while somewhat on track with Mark’s observed behavior, was nevertheless inaccurate. Once Mark’s actual behavior is known, this information is followed up with information regarding Mark’s intellectual, motor and academic test scores are revealed. The conclusion of the diagnostic center is then given as a case of ADHD and the treatment plan is outlined.
The case study calls up a lot of questions regarding how ADHD is diagnosed as well as providing a lot of information regarding the detailed method by which each case is scrutinized before diagnosis is made. By carefully describing Mark’s behaviors as they are observed and reported by those around him, the report suggests a factual perception. However, the case of the teacher who reports that Mark is often seen sleeping through class when this behavior is not noticed even once during a two week observation period illustrates strongly that these are opinions regarding his behavior rather than fact. The importance of the writer including this information brings out the importance of not making a diagnosis based strictly on reported behavior patterns. Although Mark’s behavior continues to resemble the characteristics of children suffering ADHD, there are several other factors that may or may not be a part of his observed behavior that could help indicate another condition altogether. The teacher could have already decided Mark is ADHD prior to any other intervention techniques and have been watching for those characteristics that reinforce her opinion. Her stated thoughts that Mark is a lazy child unwilling to apply himself could also have influenced her observation of him, causing her to only note those behaviors that disrupt her classroom or that again reinforce her negative opinion of him.
At the same time, ignoring the fact that these behaviors are a regular part of Mark’s routine is important in finding him the appropriate educational environment to help him reach his greatest potential. The implementation of a wide array of tests, observations and physical screenings help to indicate how serious such a diagnosis can be as well as how much appropriate treatment can alleviate the negative effects of ADHD. Mark’s diagnosis enabled those around him to realize his strengths as well as his weaknesses, developing an instructional course designed to work around his weak areas to ensure he has the education necessary to facilitate a successful future. At the same time, his positive response to medication indicates he will have less trouble paying attention in class and the intervention enabled him to receive the additional instruction he will need to proceed to his next grade level with a reasonable expectation of success. Read More
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ADHD and the Treatment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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