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Foundations to Caring: the Importance of the Nursery Education - Essay Example

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This paper Foundations to Caring talks that the quality of education the children receive at an early age will determine their academic success further, but the characteristics of their learning environment will affect the things which are of much more significance…
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Foundations to Caring: the Importance of the Nursery Education
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Extract of sample "Foundations to Caring: the Importance of the Nursery Education"

Download file to see previous pages This paper declares that the work in the nursery school requires lots of nerves and efforts, thus the need appears in someone who will understand and help the staff member. The other members of the nursing school’s team are often ready to help one of their colleagues, which can make his/her psychological condition much better than it was beforehand. The good moral climate within the staff team increases the productivity of work of each of the team’s members.
This essay makes a conclusion that the productivity of work is one of the main parameters for evaluation the labor. Usually the members of the staff have different duties to perform; they each have their own tasks, which are the little parts of the bigger one. Cooperation helps to make their work more effective, thus making the quality of the services they provide better. The human being is a live creature; he/she cannot be referred to as a combination of parts that aren’t connected to one another. Thus the specialist that deals with one sphere of the children’s nurturing sometimes cannot solve the problem that emerged without the help of the other specialist, who works with the other part of the kids’ body and psychic. The human being is the complex creature, and his/her parts can’t be viewed apart from the other. Working as a one team creates the positive environment for both the children and the employees. When the members of the staff cooperate, the psychological climate in the organization becomes better, thus the work becomes more effective. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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