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ABC hospital - Essay Example

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The US healthcare industry is in an accelerated pace in terms of growth, but the industry, unfortunately, is facing an acute shortage of nurses. The major reason for the shortage is the lack of suitable persons who are prepared to the actual commitment the job demands apart from the competitive nature of the career requirements…
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ABC hospital
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, recruitment of nurses has become a tedious activity. ABC hospital is experiencing a similar situation where it is in shortage of nurses. So the company needs to employ a better strategy for the recruitment and retention of the nurses in their hospital. Registered nurses are available not only from the US but also from other countries. The first strategy should be taken up is to rely on recruitment agencies. It should open up direct offices in those countries where a great pool of prospective registered nurses are available. The office can be for short term or long term depending upon the requirements. ABC should portray a better picture about them through their agencies. Otherwise there are chances for the prospective candidates to choose another organization. The recruited nurses and already working nurses can be used as referrals. They may be asked to refer to whom they knows. In this way more and more pool of candidates can be made available. The nurses may be remunerated in a reasonable amount for referring the candidates. "Ask your top nurses individually to increase their referrals (give them a target of five a month). Ask them to refer their "mentees," friends, and former colleagues." (Sullivan, 2001). Retention of Nurses: Retention of nurses is one of the issues faced by the hospital. The process of retention is more complex than recruitment. Since there are sufficient opportunities for registered nurses in the job market they don’t mind quitting from an organization. ...
Timely redressing of grievances is the primary strategy to be employed by the hospital to retain the nurses. "It's a complex process, requiring in-depth knowledge of the needs and wants of the nursing staff and lots of creativity. "You have to know what motivates nurses to stay," says Pamela Thompson, CEO of the American Organization of Nurse Executives." (Runy, 2001). Therefore, the management should first of all identify what the requirements of the nurses are. Proper examination of the working conditions must be done by the management. The HR management of ABC must try to maintain a personal relationship with the nurse's inorder to learn them in detail. Such an interaction will help the nurses to express their grievances before the management. In short a free and two way communication chains must be fostered in the organization. Providing a better learning environment is one of the factors that the nurses expect. Providing new certificates for specialized practices will make the nurses self motivated. Most of the personal factors affect the nurses at the work place. So, the management should assist them in solving their personal matters. This will provide a homely atmosphere for them. The nurses must be imparted a feeling that they are a very important compound for the success of the hospital. The role that every nurse should perform must be clearly defined. After all what affects most in the retention is the proper remuneration. Sufficient incentives along with the fixed remuneration will motivate the nurses to stay with the organization they work. Efficient nurses and the one who have been with the organization for quite a long time should be promoted with more responsibilities.
Decreasing turnover: Employee turnover refers to the phenomenon of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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