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Literature Review for Sustainabilty in Supply Chain Management for hospitals - Essay Example

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Sustainability in Supply Chain Management A supply chain can be defined as the collection of three or in some cases more; organizations instrumental in the two way transition of information, finances, services and products between the source and the customer (Mentzer et al., 2001)…
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Literature Review for Sustainabilty in Supply Chain Management for hospitals
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Extract of sample "Literature Review for Sustainabilty in Supply Chain Management for hospitals"

Download file to see previous pages However during the rapid development of the industrial age the need for a set of standards was realized which could limit or at least minimize the adverse effects of the industrial machinery on the environment as well as the society without jeopardizing the interests of the manufacturer. An integrative frameworks is discussed for sustainability practice in construction industry presented by (Amlan M., Helen M., 2010). SSCM is the strategic cooperation of organizations in order to improve the management of capital flows, materials and information as well as considering all the issues involved in a sustainable development like social, financial and ecological requirements, which in turn are provided by the customers and stake holders (Craig C., Dale R., Nov 2007)( Seuring & Muller, 2008)(Lutz P., 2009). The elements involved in SSCM have to address environmental and socially challenging issues as well as maintaining customer relationships by being competitive in the market. 2. Role of a sustainable supply chain in a hospital scenario A supply chain is the backbone of any industrial machinery that involves production of goods or provision of raw materials ( Anna N., Ladimer S., 2010 ). A ‘green hospital’ case study presented in (Anna H., 2008) for better healthcare, greening in supply chain, managing the waste stream, hospital food and other aspect discussed in this paper. The green supply chain management is an effective tool and discussed briefly by (Chen L., Shu C., Ling T., 2010). A qualitative study of UK food retailer in context of social responsibility to supply chain presented in (Laura S., Michael B., 2009) Each and every single manufacturer, service provider, transporter and designer is part of a supply chain. Being a service provider, a hospital also needs and in fact is part of a supply chain itself. Sustainability is an important issue when it comes to hospitals because this is one place that cannot afford ignorance in healthcare and environmental issues. A sustainable hospital supply chain incorporates the following features. Waste management: Sustainability in a hospital supply chain will ensure the proper disposal of wastes like used syringes, infected and dirty bandages as well as clothes and in some cases amputated body parts. Recycling of wastage is also an important issue. Energy management: energy management is one of the key elements of SSCM. Energy audits are to be conducted at regular intervals for this purpose. Water management: water is an important resource and must be utilized in an optimal manner. SSCM addresses this issue as per an ecological requirement. Transport: like every other service provider, a hospital supply chain includes transport therefore it has to be managed. Communication: optimal management of communication resources as well as effective communication is also a part of a hospital supply chain. Training sessions: training of employees and awareness sessions for clients are an effective method of increasing sustainability in a supply chain. 3. Examples->types->an example concerning hospitals in particular The supply chain management actually physical dispersion of goods by the efforts of manufacturers, distributors, traders and retailer and it impact on purchasing practices. Barriers and obstacles 4. Advantages and motivational factors for the implementation of a SSCM That the sustainable supply chain mana ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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