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How to develop a teaching plan for diabetes management for nurses - Essay Example

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Teaching Plan for Diabetes Management for Nurses Name Institution Course Instructor Date Introduction The main purpose of patient education in this case is for people with diabetes to develop their knowledge, confidence, and skills thus enabling them to take rising control of their own condition and incorporate effective self-management into their daily life…
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How to develop a teaching plan for diabetes management for nurses
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Download file to see previous pages Their teaching plan need proper customizations to this population and find ways that will help evaluate and monitor the program. Create a needs assessment survey Needs assessment survey briefly is a way of asking a group of a selected population what they see as the most important needs of that group. The analysis of the survey results are then used in guiding the future actions of the nurses. Generally, the needs most rated are therefore, addressed first depending on the available resources thus taking different forms. The resources will determine which type of survey to be carried out, such as informal methods for example, asking around in the community, friends, or postal carriers (Franz, 2001). Information is also retrieved from local hospitals where several people get their diagnosis, additionally it can also take the form of a professional-written survey, and then it is emailed to several people. Moreover, a need assessment survey have some common characteristics, for example, they have pre-set list of questions to be answered by the willing people, they also have a pre-determined sample of the number of participants to answer these questions. Finally, the results of the survey are then tabulated, summarized, dispersed, discussed, and then used (Funnell, Brown, Childs, Haas, Hosey, Jensen, & Weiss, 2009). In this case, the need assessment survey will be done on a small town population where the purpose will be to develop a program for the diabetic population in the effort to educate them on self-management. Therefore, the objective of the survey is getting to know the needs of diabetic patients also how the nurses can help them cope with their changing lifestyle. The first thought of this project is what the nurses can do to evaluate the needs of the targeted group and implement them appropriately in the proposed program. The first step will be compiling a list of relevant questions and relevant topics that would be useful in the assessment. This will ensure that the targeted group provided the required information in the assessment (Funnell, Brown, Childs, Haas, Hosey, Jensen, & Weiss, 2009). The other step is developing, for example, a questioner that will be provided to the targeted group and then distributed to the citizens of the town. Included with the assessment is an information page about the survey also a page for the residents of the town to fill if they were interested in the next part of the program. After the responses from the residents, an analysis of the results will be done to display the resident’s view. This will help learn how the program will be funded financially, how it will be managed in terms of administrators, and how the participants will be selected. This need assessment survey will help the nurses in various ways. First, the analyzed answers will provide quantitative facts about how people with diabetes feel; also, it will help the nurses develop teaching plans for their patients (Funnell, Brown, Childs, Haas, Hosey, Jensen, & Weiss, 2009). Evaluate needs assessment to define areas of focus Need evaluation is a commonly used in program planning, where it helps determine which program aspects or activities are the mostly needed and for the specific population. Most importantly, this method is used to help build up new programs or else justifying the existing program ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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