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Teaching plan for a 8 year old with diabeties - Essay Example

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A teaching plan for 11 years old with Diabetes Name: University A student nurse is as a professional is tasked with many responsibilities. National Association of School Nurses (2002) observes that such a nurse has to balance the dual role of professional and student within the nursing situation…
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Teaching plan for a 8 year old with diabeties
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally, school nurses are mandated to make referrals based on a clinical judgment. The major groups involved in school nursing include; toddlers, adults, school age children, teenagers and preschoolers (HAAD, 2010). Some of the screening roles of a student nurse involve vision, posture and body mass screening. This is done to recognize any deviations from normal health. America Academy of Pediatrics (2008) posits that other vital roles of a student nurse include provision of leadership during the endowment of health services and the promotion of a school health environment. A healthy environment concerns emotional safety and implementation of precautions against infectious diseases. Safety school plans help in addressing bullying issues, violence and all emergencies that may be witnessed at school. The leadership role of a student nurse is also extended to health programs and policies. It is also worth noting that for nursing services to be well provided, a student nurse has to ensure that school personnel and health care providers are coordinated. Some of the direct care roles of a student nurse are to conduct detailed assessments of systematic health. Such an assessment entails data analysis so as to identify problems in health. Thereafter, care plans that are individualized are formulated. Usually, the student nurse also has the responsibility of ensuring that ongoing information regarding health is communicated to school authorities and students as care is provided (HAAD, 2010). Another important role of student nurses concerns supervision of immunization programs. My encounter with a student nurse revealed a lot of issues that concern accountability, integrity and confidentiality. To start with, she maintains both verbal and written communication modes with all the staff and doctors so that the safety of students can be guaranteed. Medications are also stored in secure rooms so that individualized medical care is to be attained. Medical services are also availed 24 hours to the students, and all information handled with utmost confidentiality. Exceptional nursing standards are put in place to enhance the efficiency of individualized care. During my stay with a student nurse, an 11 year old patient with diabetes came. The patient said that he suffered from increased thirst, hunger and hyperglycemia. Additionally, the diabetic patient had frequent episodes of urination. This was an opportunity to discuss with the care giver of the 11 year old and the school nurse concerning the issue diabetes. The outcome was that the 11 year old should engage in physical exercise, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and reduce intake of sugars that can predispose a patient to risks. In addition, the caregiver and should help the monitor the blood sugar of the diabetic patient at home and school respectively. The student nurse counseled the family regarding the importance of adhering to diabetic’s medication. Assessment The assessment is about an 11 year old student whose medical history reveals that he has diabetes. His past medical history also reveals that all immunization procedures were adhered to. However, records in the file reveal that the family has a diabetic history. The child has a weight of 50 kgs and a height of 132 cm. This puts him at risk of juvenile diabetes as his body mass index is 28.70. This is the most optimal stage for peer interaction and skills enhancement for the patient. The patient is on a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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