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Type 2 Diabetes Patients Making Informed Choices About Their Dietary Menu - Case Study Example

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The paper "Type 2 Diabetes Patients Making Informed Choices About Their Dietary Menu" states that hospitals should have a little faith in patients with type 2 diabetes because not only would they take care in their food consumed, they would also want to get better…
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Type 2 Diabetes Patients Making Informed Choices About Their Dietary Menu
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Extract of sample "Type 2 Diabetes Patients Making Informed Choices About Their Dietary Menu"

Download file to see previous pages Insulin resistance causes high blood glucose, coronary heart disease, raises blood pressure and increases the chances of gout development. Type 2 diabetes developed in people over 40, but in rare cases, younger people get it.3 in every 100 people over the ages of 40 have it and 10 in 100 people over 65, and this is only in the UK. Type 2 diabetes is common in overweight or obese people. Genetic also cause this type of diabetes as well as low activity level, poor diet, and excess body weight (especially around the waist). Other causes are ethnicity (mostly in African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and Native Americans, Previous signs of impaired glucose tolerance., High blood pressure, HDL cholesterol of less than 35 or triglyceride level of greater than 250. The first treatment is diet and exercise, but if the glucose level still remains high then tablet are advised and sometimes injection is needed. The symptoms occur gradually that thirst and fatigue are almost unnoticeable; some people also experience blurred vision. Some Type 2 diabetes patients don’t experience any symptoms if their blood glucose level is not too high. During the last century, the diet for diabetic people has changed drastically, earlier people were indirectly told to basically starve themselves, the later told to omit sugar from their diet. These cause diabetics to buy special food to replace the sugar, now the diet is to just eat healthy by eating starchy foods and plenty of fruit and vegetables. This consumes and the small amount of sugar making it a healthy meal. Weight controls help prevent (and manage) type 2 diabetes; when patients lose weight their glucose control, blood pressure, and cholesterol improve. A change in eating habits and exercise are essential to weight control, but many people that lose weight have a hard time maintaining it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Blood glucose is diagnosed after performing the ‘fasting’ or ‘random’ blood glucose tests. The fasting blood glucose test requires the testing of blood glucose levels early in the morning after an overnight fast. If it comes more than 126 mg/dl at two different occassions, it is diagnosed as diabetes.
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In chapter two, it is learned how important the workings of a farm are to food production. Everything from the soil that plants and grains are grown in, to the machines used to produce items for cooking play huge roles in the larger scheme of things. Even the grain that is fed to the animals has to be the best kind, to produce the best meat for sale. Everything...
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According to statistics released by the World Health Organization (WHO), currently, 180 million people worldwide have diabetes, with 2.9 million deaths per year occurring due to complications cau...
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