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Promoting healthy lifestyle choices - Essay Example

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Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Choices Name Institution Date Abstract The population in the UK is considered to be increasingly ageing with and with rising health care needs. This population is at risk of chronic diseases related to ageing including diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer…
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Promoting healthy lifestyle choices
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Download file to see previous pages This is by analyzing the case of an elderly Pakistani woman and her lifestyle choices. Keywords: diet, physical activity, lifestyle choices Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Choices Introduction There are approximately 10 million people in the United Kingdom aged sixty five years and above (Office for National Statistics, 2009). Additionally, this population is projected to rise by half in the next twenty five years (NHS Information Centre, 2009). This rapid growth of the older population is a major area of concern in the medical and health sectors. Nonetheless, ageing is one factor that is closely related with deteriorating health posing challenges for NHS and other health organizations. Recent studies have shown that three quarters of the population report living with long term chronic diseases. This is nearly 39 percent of the population aged above sixty five years and above (Office for National Statistics, 2009). Medical practitioners are under increasing pressure to provide improved quality services for this section of the population (Davies, 2010). Ageing is a natural process that is often related with disease and this can be attributed to the increased contact to disease causing carcinogens. It is important to study the factors facilitating these diseases and the lifestyle choices that can be made to minimize their prevalence. Case analysis The target group in this paper is the older people aged fifty years and above. The older generation does not share homogenous characteristics; they differ in terms of social status, educational backgrounds, living conditions and health status. These factors dictate and individual’s lifestyle and are important determinants of their health condition (Chappell et al., 2003). The case study is about a Pakistani woman who is fifty two years old. She leads a sedentary lifestyle with minimal exercise and unhealthy eating habits. She suffers from one of the chronic diseases, Type 2 diabetes. This condition is caused and aggravated by behavioural factors in her life such as physical inactivity and poor diet. She is uneducated and therefore does not know the benefits of physical exercise and advantages of maintaining a healthy diet. This has worsened the condition of the disease and this puts her at increased risk. She attends a local women’s group often and matters concerning health are rarely discussed. It is clear that healthier lifestyle decisions that are dependent on social status, education and economic factors. This case is a sample representing the lifestyle choices made by the older population in the UK. Importance of Promoting Health Decisions for Older People Health and well being for the elderly is an important for national policy and a key objective of the medical sector. Promoting the health of this target group is aimed at reducing the risk of chronic conditions including diabetes, cancer, hypertension and high blood pressure (Thew and McKenna, 2008). It is also aimed at positively influencing the behaviour patterns in the target population. The goals of health promotion for the older population are manifold and refer to the societal and individual level. Firstly, health provision is a basic human right. Secondly, an individual’s health and well being are a determinant of independence at old age (Guralnik et al., 2002). Thirdly, health is an indicator of contentment in old ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Choices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words)
Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Choices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
“Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Choices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words”, n.d.
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