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Public Health and Primary Care - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "Public Health and Primary Care" states that the doctors play an important role in maintaining the health of patients, in diagnosing the diseases on time and most importantly by saving them from fatal infections. The doctor plays a major role in saving the patient’s life…
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Public Health and Primary Care
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Download file to see previous pages Patients are more attached to nurses than doctors since they spend more time with them and develop some degree of attachment. The nurse understands the needs of the patient even by his gestures if he cannot speak and is in extreme pain. The responsibility of a nurse is to prevent infections from reaching the already immune compromised patient. A nurse counsels and consoles the relatives of the patient and helps them by informing them about the patient’s health, time to time. In some workplaces where there are not enough doctors, it is the job of the nurse to diagnose health problems of the patients. A nurse should protect the privacy of his/her patient at all times since some people lose the manners of using the washroom and if the nurse makes faces or feels disgusted the patient will feel uncomfortable around the nurse and hence will not be able to share his problems related to his health openly, with her. A nurse should take care of the patient’s privacy when changing his clothes and should always keep the room clean which produces a pleasant environment, hence making it easier for the patient to regain his health. A nurse should at all times ensure the removal of all harmful things from the room. (Stanhope, M. & Knollmueler, R.N., 1997). Nurses are the true healers, they stand by the side of the patient when the patient is sick and has sleepless nights out of fear or pain. They are one of the most important health workers since they are present at the time of birth of a person; they take care of the newborn and also guide the parents about the precautions to be taken in the initial days and months after a baby is born. Nurses are also present at the time of death of a person or when he faces a severe accident. They never get frustrated by the behavior of the patient as they know how to handle people when they are stressed. (Aitken, S., 2009). Nurses are the prime caretakers of patients. Some patients are released earlier due to some reasons even though their treatment is still due which is why nurses are sent to their homes to take care of them. Community Nurses Community nurses are present in every locality. The community nurses have the same role as the nurses working in hospitals. They both have the responsibility to look after sick patients and record any changes in their health. However, community nurses are found to be given more duties to perform as they provide health care at the house of the patient. These nurses access a range of services for patients and arrange additional care from other agencies such as social workers. The work of the Community nurse is varied and can range from removal of suture to taking care of a dying patient. Community nurses are responsible for participating in service development by attending meetings and participation with audit. They assist the District nurse in preparing nursing care plans. It is their duty to identify and report the needs of patients and their families. They need to maintain good communication with the patients and offer support and guidance to the patient’s relatives. They have to take part in health education to promote positive health care. Community workers learn and train learners and other professional workers. They must co-operate with other professionals to ensure quality patient care. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Public Health and Primary Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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