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Assessing patient with cardiocascular accident usingRopLogand Tierey - Essay Example

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ASSESSING PATIENT WITH CARDIOVASCULAR ACCIDENT USING THE MODEL OF ROPER, LOGAN AND TIERNEY By Code+ University name Date Introduction This is a case scenario analyzing the condition of patient X who has been admitted with cerebra vascular accident, and is also currently receiving treatment for high blood pressure and smokes…
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Assessing patient with cardiocascular accident usingRopLogand Tierey
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Download file to see previous pages A stroke is when blood flow to a part of brain blocks either by a rupture or a blockage of a blood vessel. Model of Roper, Logan, and Tierney" is recommended as the suitable model for use in intensive care settings (Robb, 1997; Sutcliffe, 1994). Molloy (Pg 176 1996) supports the use of this model in a neonatal situation. Tierney (1998) suggest that this model allows nursing to work directly with medicine, rather than separately which gives the nurse a chance to acquire knowledge of medicine in a manner which is simpler (Roper, Logan & Tierney 2001). The model measures the individual's potential and comparative independence for development. The rationale for choosing this model was based on its integration of nursing care with medication. The model provides a good chance to address my patient conditions where the cost of treatment as per this model is provided by the state. He is suffering from communication, breathing and personal cleansing which most stroke survivor’s experience. Diagnosis is an essential process during nursing activities since it assist to set goals of either remedying the situation or sustaining. The cases scenario brought challenge of communication issue, personal cleansing and breathing (Roper, Logan & Tierney 2001). ...
Overview Objectives are imperative in that they provide direction in what health care needs to do, and present a principle by which to evaluate whether the objective has been attained (Mason-Whitehead 2008). It provides the anticipation that the patient may recover and illustrates something is being implemented to attain this with the client’s comprehension and participation in the procedure that considers patient’s values and desires during the process (Institute of Medicine 2003). The goal of this assessment is to incorporate Roper, Logan and Tierney Nursing Model, intervention process of the situation and confidentiality requirements of the patient. The goal of stroke treatment is to regain as much independence as possible; Recovery from stroke is a lifetime procedure. For my patient healing begins with formal treatment. It is vital for the nurse and patient family to recognize that no matter where they are in his recovery journey, there is always hope. Partnership and coordination is vital for the patient to learn as much as he can about stroke and healing, and utilize the funds those are available with collaboration and advice from the former employee which he was working early before the accident of stroke. Health insurance cover should subsidize his expenses on treatment (Lincoln 2012). This model of nursing ensures that patients are well taken care of even after discharge and gives the nurse in charge, to gain knowledge, learn practical experience and medicine point of view. According to the procedures of (NMC 2008), investigations were done after explanation on all the procedures he would subject to, the common causes of the accident such as hypertension, older age and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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