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In the paper “Person-Centred Approaches in Health and Social Care” the author analyzes a major challenge in the profession of a nurse. In one of his attachments in a district hospital, he found himself in a situation where he had to exhibit his person-centered care skills to one of his patients…
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Person-Centred Approaches in Health and Social Care
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Download file to see previous pages I was careful not to force the patient into taking my decisions rather allowed him to make his own decisions on whether he wanted the treatment or not. I also used equitable allocation of personal resources towards my patient. I had to highlight to him the risk associated with his ailment, and of the different choices he would select for or against the treatment process. I had to identify the key priorities for the patient so as not to deliver person-centered care due to lack of time. I had to compromise with the patients on the different ideas he had about his ailment assuring him that he still had the chance of making amends in his life and returning to his normal life. It was difficult for me, but I was forced to hide my emotions to the patient making the process to consume emotionally. I also applied interproffesional working with the patient as i was forced to consult, network, consult and debate as I wanted to solve some of the problems which I felt that the patient could not solve when left to make decide.Question 2It is really important to find out an individual’s history, preferences, wishes and needs as some patients consider such things like religion; therefore, they would want to pray at particular times or place. Different patients have different religious objects and when presented with objects which do not relate to his, the feeling of being uncomfortable is developed. Others may want the care process to be handled by individuals related to the sexuality as they may feel shy. during the care process. Language is also an issue that is taken into consideration as a patient under care unit might want to communicate to the person attending to him or her.
Question 3
It is important to review care or support plans with the patient and to monitor their needs and preferences because it improves on the self esteem of the patient since they have welcomed the program involved. New or improved source of communication is also achieved in involving patients in the support plan (Rantz & Flesner, 2003). The hospital also creates a good image for it as patients openly exudes confidence in the care plan being administered to them.
Question 4
Useful care or support plans are beneficial in supporting person centered values in practice since they give guidelines on how the patient wants the care process to be implemented. They also involve the patient in the care process by covering the full range of needs and preferences by providing documented evidence of the process. In addition, they provide an opportunity to monitor and review the ever changing needs of the patient. Lastly, they describe, predict and explain the control phenomenon used for the care process (Rantz & Flesner, 2003).
Question 5
Case Study One
I will advice the colleague that the different factors that might hinder a patient from expressing his views are mental impairment, physical illness or language barriers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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