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Phases of Transition for Nurses - Essay Example

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Transition is the stage of progression when new nursing graduate evolves from student life to become an actual professional practitioner of a medical institution. Certain transformational adjustment, both in their emotional and psychological state (Duchscher, 2001) are essential…
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Phases of Transition for Nurses
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Download file to see previous pages The gaps between theory and praxis will percolate within their system, as the abyss between reality and expectation brings innate confusion and perplexity. Phases of Transition for Nurses Duchscher (2001) explained that transition shock reinforces the need for new graduates to bridge their educational curricula with increasing workplace expectations with the aim of integrating new nursing professionals into such rigorous and dynamic context of healthcare practice. The transition phases include the following: a. The Honeymoon phase- this is the phase when a new practitioner attempts to reconcile one’s excitement and enthusiasm in the performance of job with such oozing expectations. New graduates express comfortability in the learning the variables from patients; not only settling on default information but also of other possibilities (Duchscher, 2001). They perform their new in accordance to standard policies of the practice in accordance to set of rules and standards set by the medical institution with hope that they will be accorded with necessary counselling, mentoring, guidance, and evaluative care from their respective managers (Duchscher, 2001). ...
b. Shock and Rejection– The feeling of shock and rejection often happens when the new practitioner’s expectation and assumption seemed to be incompatible or is in a mismatched to the empirical realities and demands of one’s job. When the feeling of shock is not remedied or not responded positively, frustration and disappointment may seep in the practitioner’s system. Confronted by this possibility, it is significant that neophyte healthcare provider should be oriented thoroughly of the demands of the job, the policies inherent in their respective duties, the potential stresses that their profession entails, as well as the standards imposed upon them as institutional protocols of the profession. Such orientation will help them cope from the competitive nature of their profession that require their core competence and positive attitude in dealing with the multiple tasks embedded in healthcare delivery. Guidance, mentoring, and professional support from the medical institution’s management could help provide psycho-emotional balance to new practitioners amid variants present in medical care. It is also significant that new practitioners are able to understand exactly the caring profession hence, there is an imperative for them to act in accordance to their professional and ethical goals while providing support and compassion to patients or clients. Healthcare advocates should fully transcend the hassles and stresses of criticism, lack of support, or maybe those mockeries-- at an optimal level to meet their oath and to cope against potential rejection. It is therefore important that they too are able to understand the entire operational mechanism and framework of healthcare ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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