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Innovation & Chnage in Nursing - Essay Example

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Section 1 a. In any professional organization, as well as the healthcare setting as it pertains to nursing, organizational change will occasionally be required. Moreover, healthcare professionals must cultivate an awareness not only of technological innovation itself, but of the need for ongoing change…
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Innovation & Chnage in Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages Cultivating an understanding of the process of professional change can also prove essential towards the objective of increasing workplace diversity. (Friday & Friday, 2003) There are many phases to the process of change, considerable research on the process having been described by Lewin, (1951) who elucidated in a psychological context of the stages of change, of which the movement phase is the second one. Which follows unfreezing, and is then in turn is followed by a phase of a re-freezing. (Lewin, 1951) Complexities and pitfalls exist both in terms of operational behavior as well as personal beliefs. During the implementation of organizational change a critical phase in the process is what is described as the movement phase. The goal of this phase in a professional organization is to enable and encourage the employees to find ways to embrace a new vision that the organization will need to develop. Each nurse, or employee in general must look within themselves and find ways that they can make the new direction of the organization work for them, in their specific situation and job description. A series of short term limited steps may be required to facilitate the transition between older modes of operation. Short term goals should be set to encourage the replacement of outdated methods in favor of movement towards the higher objective of an effective organizational transition. Kotter and associates have also proposed an explanation of the step-wise change process, by which the three overarching objectives can be translated into smaller steps for a smoother transition. (Kotter, 1996), (MLDC, 2010) Adequate planning and goal-setting are essential to coordinate the changes occurring within the organization, and how all personnel will be required to implement their part of the changes. Short-term goals will include accommodation for likely sources of resistance, as well as tactics necessary to overcome those sources. Among these short-term goals to facilitate the movement phase, it is important to remove psychological barriers. (Kotter, 1996) Objects and artifacts that may symbolize the older operational process, or tools that are specifically applicable to prior goals and values should be removed without delay, unless such articles are essential in the hospital's new operational strategy. Anything that can function as a psychological 'anchor', reminding nurses and other employees of prior goals and outdated standards must be replaced. All employees should be reminded of the potential of the new recommendations and their promise for the future. This transition can be assisted by the implementation of 'short-term wins', to demonstrate ongoing progress towards the ultimate goal. Target dates for measurable changes are helpful. Short-term steps in the right direction must clearly communicated throughout the hospital, and higher staff should be made available to assist employees with the implementation, and modification of benchmarks, if necessary. The medical employees responsible for implementing the changes should certainly be included in planning meetings; if those operational changes would affect them, or make additional demands. These objectives must be readily achievable. They should clearly contribute to the new direction of the organization. The exact structuring of these benchmarks may be eased by looking at prior instances in which the organization needed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Innovation & Chnage in Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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