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Evidence-Based Project.Paper on Diabetes that describes a new diagnostic tool or intervention for the treatment of diabetes in - Essay Example

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Full title Your name Name and section number of course Date Vermont Department of Health comes up with Diabetes Control Program which is a significant intervention intended to control, manage or treat diabetes among children. The target population of Diabetes Control Program is school children…
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Evidence-Based Project.Paper on Diabetes that describes a new diagnostic tool or intervention for the treatment of diabetes in
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Download file to see previous pages The psychosocial concerns of parents and children should be addressed primarily. Parents must get proper assurance that the diabetic needs of their children would be addressed in school. Each and every child with diabetes should be monitored in their developmental level that measures the child’s acceptance and its ability to perform self-care. Proper family coping mechanism can be introduced in the school diabetic control program so that parents can deal with child’s behaviors and feelings. Self empowerment and enhancement of self confidence would enable better disease management. Special counseling is recommended for adolescents who struggle with problems like depression and poor self confidence. School personnel and nurses who manage the diabetic control program can guide the children and their families. The diabetic control program puts forward a care planning that includes parent conference and individual care plan. A planning meeting would be organized when a new student is diagnosed with diabetes. School nurse and the health care team would train children and their parents to make diabetes care. The diabetic control program recommends organizing parents meeting in which parents’ checklist would be prepared. ...
Planning meeting must gather all healthcare personnel who are part of the diabetic control program, and the caretakers of the child including parents. They would be familiarized with an agenda that would enable proper diabetic care for the child. For example, teachers, school bus drivers and others would be taught what an emergency is and what must be done during an emergency. Individual care plan is also a highly useful diabetic care aspect. School nurse would develop the individual care plan and educate the child, parents and the school staff with the plan. Such plan contains the routine care factors that includes blood glucose monitoring, food schedule, insulin schedule and syringe disposal. In the special training provided in the diabetic control program, all who are involved with the child would be familiarized and trained with the diabetic control measures. They would be taught about the monitoring tools like glucometer. They would be taught to recognize the symptoms of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. Parents, children and staff would be trained of daily diabetic care procedures, monitoring techniques, insulin injections and healthcare and safety guidelines. Treatment or diabetes management (diabetes control) involves diabetes monitoring and necessary control measures. Children, parents and school staff would be taught of blood glucose monitoring procedures. Difference steps of blood glucose monitoring and disposal of supplies would be performed. Emergency care situations like loss of consciousness, absence of blood sugar level increase (even after food intake). Low blood sugar can take the child to an emergency situation where prompt action is required. Nurse and school staff should take quick actions at the initial signs of hypoglycemia. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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