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Diabetic - Essay Example

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Also, it is mostly with large preventable risk factors, which get linked to social support and sense of control. The disease is highly prevalent in The United States of America. One has a sense of…
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Extract of sample "Diabetic"

Download file to see previous pages Social support is getting support from friends and family who give assistance and comfort. Having the social support can improve the psychological well being of the patient (Schwartz, 2000).
The relationship that exists among social support life stress, patient’s locus of control and the blood glucose control become evaluated in individuals with diabetes mellitus, using the objectives measures of the psychosocial variables. Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) and Glycosylated Hemoglobin (Hgb A-1C) control measures become taken at two regions for them to check the problems of the psychosocial variables on the change in diabetes control. A decrease in the social support leads to the worsening of the long term glycosylated hemoglobin control over time (Hellier, 2009).
According to medics, diabetes is a progressive disease that surfaces as impaired glucose intolerance with a high level post meal glucose. These high glucose levels increasingly demand the pancreas to secrete additional insulin leading to a state of hyperinsulinemia. Nevertheless, the body gets resistant to insulin, and it later develops lack of insulin and high fasting glucose levels. This pattern represents Type 2 diabetes. The eventual exhaustion of the islet cells leads to the absolute lack of insulin presenting type 1 diabetes. To patients suffering from diabetes is quite a frightening experience, and the patients require all the physical and emotional support they can receive from their loved ones (Schwartz, 2000).
The patients suffering from diabetes often complain of anxiety and fear about the future, experience fluctuations in their moods and find it difficult to cope with their daily lives. They also get tired at times. Depression is another common and dangerous complication witnessed by the people suffering from diabetes. The diabetics with depression posses a high rate of recurrent episodes of depressions in the preceding five years. Depressed persons do not have the motivation to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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