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Running head: Banner Healthcare Case study Banner Healthcare Case study Insert Name Insert University Name 7 November 2013 Banner Healthcare Case study Introduction/Profile Banner Healthcare is one of the largest non-profit network offering medical services to people in seven states in America…
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Health organization case study
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Download file to see previous pages The growth of the network may be attributed to dedicated workforce, excellent facilities, and a purposeful mission statement that drives towards providing high quality healthcare services that enhance people’s lives positively. Indeed, the network prides of having one of the largest hospitals in the US, the Banner Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, which also serves as the network’s headquarters. Moreover, the Banner Good Samaritan Hospital boasts of being a leader in a number of health services and treatments programs, including diabetes, heart care and surgery, and gynecology. Nevertheless, the network enjoys diversity not only in its workforce, but also in the clients it serves, especially considering that, different states have different demographic compositions. Care Management Banner Health values and takes cognizance of the importance of quality of service and patient satisfaction, as the drivers for excellent performance. In this regard, the network has put in place mechanisms to ensure its workforce deliver services with minimal or zero patient errors, as well as enhancing safety of both employees and patients in its facilities. In addition to improvement of quality, Banner Health has prioritized on cost control through elaborate management practices, care coordination and performance enhancement. Moreover, Banner Health promotes cross-facility harmonization through a system that ensures sharing of knowledge and information, as well as intergration of activities across the network. The success of this harmonization is evident from the fact that, medical services that patients receive in different Banner facilities are not only of high quality and timely, but they are also uniform across the system. In addition, sharing of knowledge allows healthcare professionals across the network to develop skills that will enhance their service delivery. However, due to diversity, Banner Health promotes functional teams and work groups that cooperate in establishing and developing policy applicable in all facilities, but giving each facility the discretion to implement such policies. All these functions are enhanced though a dedicated team of professionals and leaders as well as an elaborate technology system that enhances communication across all facilities. Despite operating as not-for-profit organization, Banner Health has managed to be efficient in its operation, making it one of the best health care providers. Indeed, the organization was recognized earlier in year 2013 for excellence in quality, patient care and efficiency by a Truven Health Analysis survey (Banner Health Website, 2013). More specifically, Banner Health scored admirably in its ability to “save lives and causing fewer patient complications, compliance with industry-recommended standards, making fewer patient errors, releasing patients half a day sooner and patient satisfaction” (Banner Health Website, 2013). In order to enhance quality, the organization invests heavily in innovation as well as in performance management. Primarily, Banner Health collects data from all its facilities and then analyzes such data to measure the level of performance in comparison to predetermined goals and national standards. This allows the organization to identify any gaps that need improvement. Use of technology at Banner Health Banner Health has recognized the importance of technology in today’s health care environment. This aims at ensuring that services are provided with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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