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Article review/ moving beyond the virtue script in nursing: creating knowledge based identity for nurses - Essay Example

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Moving Beyond the Virtue Script in Nursing Moving Beyond the Virtue Script in Nursing: Creating Knowledge Based Identity for Nurses Nursing is a noble profession, which is experiencing a rigorous watershed in today’s modern times…
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Article review/ moving beyond the virtue script in nursing: creating knowledge based identity for nurses
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Extract of sample "Article review/ moving beyond the virtue script in nursing: creating knowledge based identity for nurses"

Download file to see previous pages According to a public survey, as cited by Dickerson, Brewer and Konver, the United States and Canada will face a shortage of 1,000,000 and 113,000 nurses respectively in the next decade and a half (Dickerson, Brewer and Kovner, p.138). This survey has educated different organizations, unions and governments, which are interconnected to the profession of nursing. The stakeholders at different forums are providing different remedies in order to elucidate this situation (Collin, 2007 p.89). A number of social groups are trying to enhance a positive and modern image of nursing by running different advertising campaigns. It is due to this reason that more young people are more likely to get attracted to this profession. In the early nineteenth century, the profession of nursing was considered to be a noble and respectable profession. Perhaps it has been noted with the passage of time the profession has lost its charm and touch due to the changing beliefs in the society. It has been concluded that other professions opportunities have declined the interest of women in the nursing profession. Women are more likely to select other professions because of the growth prospects (Wowchuk, et al., 2007 p.348). Having an insight through the chapter one can come across different some questions which are as follows: 1) What is the most significant thing that you have identified about nurses work? In my opinion, nursing plays a significant role in the healing process of human, health counseling and care for patients to restore their lives. Nursing is highly respectable profession; I believe the field of nursing is the key to make modern high tech hospitals to be more hospitable. The services and care of nurses has assisted the patient to overcome injuries and illness during wars and severe illness. The statement of Nightingale defines significance of nursing as a profession ‘To put the patient in the best condition for nature to act upon (Rankin, 2009 p.281).’ How has this challenged or confirmed your thinking about what nurses do? As discussed in the article in Johnson & Johnson four-minute recruitment video a male nurse states: “Being a nurse is all about holding someone’s hand. Being a nurse is about giving a really good shot to a six-year old who is terrified. It is about putting an ice pack and making it better on someone… or getting the wrinkles out of the back of a sheet that is causing someone to be uncomfortable who has to lay on the bed. They do not have any other place to go. They have to be there. Sometimes, you know, just rubbing someone’s back is the answer to all their prayers (Charlotte & Procter, 2009 p.980)”. As we study the above lines, we can come across a conclusion that a nurse is a spiritual healer and that this defiantly is a noble job. 2) What, up to this point, has influenced your thinking to how nursing is understood? In my opinion the profession of nursing has its divine status in the society (Susanne, 2007 p.293). The care and the services encourage patients to heal injuries and illness. Nurses can be a motivation for the patient to optimize health and abilities of individuals, families, communities and population. The article “Moving Beyond The Virtue Script In Nursing” discuss the transformation of the nursing profession as a virtue practice. It further highlights the virtues of nursing assessed to overcome the obstacles and then argues the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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