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Field Experience Narrative Report Abstract Late adulthood is a frequently seen aspect in several nations. Most of the old aged people are willing to lead their life independently. In such situation, there lays a need for delivering better healthcare to those people by the nursing professionals in order to develop their health and assist them leading their life happily…
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Field Report
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Download file to see previous pages It can be apparently observed with the occurrence of physical changes amid the individuals affected with late adulthood. Usually, people with late adulthood will possess advance ageing and might lead to a retirement stage (Potter & Perry 191-211, 2009). The association amid the biological, psychological and the cultural factors aid in the identification of late adulthood (Pearson Education, 2013). In this article, a filed survey has been conducted in a community wherein older adults have been residing. The main purpose of this field experience is to find out the thoughts and the feelings of this specific group of people i.e. the late adulthood. Description of the Experience The field experience or the survey in terms of interacting with older adults in a community setting aims at finding out the development of late adulthood in that particular community and the way they lead their life. Moreover, the experience tends to verify whether the people with late adulthood were leading a better life and attend various recreational activities or not. The targeted group of people in the field trip was 68 residents and the retirement home is 26 years. They were offered with two sorts of special care namely independent care and assisted living. The term ‘assisted living’ denotes the housing facility which is provided to the people having disability. In relation to the special features, the residents of the home were taken for shopping a month and provided church service twice a week. Other facilities such as beauty salon and haircut were also offered. Exploration of the Experience, Thoughts and Feelings Nursing is such a profession wherein a person must be treated as a human being rather than a patient. At an old age, a person is in utmost need of care, love and affection. The prime duty of the nursing professionals is to deliver proper care with affection especially to the older adults. After visiting the community of the older people, it was observed that those living in the retirement home were not only provided with the basic needs, but also with other necessary requirements and recreational activities. The activities such as band performances have been arranged for them so that the older people can lead a better life at the end of their life (BVT Publishing, 2001). An effective care was being provided as they were taken for shopping and visiting church regularly. Hence, from the field experience, it can be concluded that the old people residing in that community were provided with better physical along with mental care. Analysis of Learning The above field experience can be related with the learning of effective nursing programs linked with the perceptions of health, growth and development of late adulthood. From the experience, it can be affirmed that the people with late adulthood were at the end of their life and thus require to be enjoyed with their family and friends along with proper health care. Specially mentioning, deliverance of an effectual nursing care is quite indispensable in their life along with the support of family and friends. Numerous physical and health related changes occur during this period that needs to be treated quite effectively by the trained health professionals. As a learner in the nursing program, one can be clear about the ways of taking the best care of the people residing i ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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