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Conflict resolution is a key responsibility of nursing unit manager because unresolved conflicts can negatively impact the operations of the worksite environment…
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Critical analysis of Nursing scenario
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will discuss a particular nursing workplace conflict scenario and suggest potential solutions to address the situation using an effective conflict resolution tool. Critical Analysis The given scenario clearly reveals that there are numerous issues existing in the workplace, the key reason leading to frequent sick calls, tardiness, and lack of productivity. The conversation between Susan Barnes and Shawna Hayes clearly indicates that team formation and job distribution is poorly managed and this situation in turn results in weak employee satisfaction. Due to pitfalls in team formation, members of Team 2 experience increased work stress whereas Team 1 members obtain a more relaxed worksite environment. In addition, some nurses always manage to work with Team 2 to avoid workload and the resulting job stress. Evidently, this situation is severely affecting team collaboration and the spirit of team work and this is most likely to end up in poor quality patient care. Finally, inadequate remuneration is also a major reason causing poor staff satisfaction; employees are greatly discouraged because they are not paid proportionate to the workload they bear. While analyzing the given case context, it is clear that the conflict situation is organizational because it is caused by improper management practices. It is necessary for the nursing manager to exercise due care while addressing an organisational conflict situation. According to Kelly and Crawford, there are mainly seven conflict resolution techniques such as avoiding, accommodating, competing, compromising, negotiating, collaborating, and confronting. In the words of Coburn (n.d.), under avoiding strategy, the conflict is simply ignored whereas the accommodating strategy implies that one side gives in to the other side to resolve the conflict. Ogunyemi et al (2010) state that the tool of competing forces the parties involved in the conflict to compete for the goal, while compromising tool encourages each side to give up something and gain something. In the view of Sontor (2009), the manager uses the negotiating tool to organize high level discussion that seeks agreement but not necessarily consensus. According to Khanaki and Hassanzadeh (2010), the collaborating tool persuades both sides to work together so as to develop the optimal outcome whereas the confronting approach takes immediate and obvious efforts to stop conflict at the very start ( In the current situation, tools like avoiding, accommodating, competing, compromising, collaborating, or confronting may not be effective because the issues are well rooted, and hence need stronger and more extensive resolution approach. Therefore, it is advisable for the nursing unit manager to employ the negotiating tool to address the conflict situation identified. The major advantage of using this conflict resolution tool is that the solution developed will be permanent “for a variety of reasons, such as a union of contract, a permanent change in policy or governance, or career or life changes” (Kelly & Crawford, p.304). In the view of Lewicki, Hiam, and Olander, “there are five basic approaches to negotiating: collaborative (win-win), competitive (win at all costs), avoiding (lose-lose), accommodating (lose to win), and compromise (split the difference)” (as cited Kelly & Crawford, p.304). It would be better to employ the compromise-negotiating tool to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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