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Running head:  Self-reflection on community health nursing [Name] [Professor Name] [Course] [Date] Abstract This reflective essay details my clinical experience during a placement at a pediatric home care. The objective of this essay is to survey the use of interpersonal and communication skills in nursing…
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Scholarly paper on Community Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, I have applied Gibbs (1998) reflective model to ensure that the structure if this essay is unambiguous and clear (Jasper, 2003). I will look at the incidences using multiple perspectives, which could in future be applied to change some aspects of the practice in future. Reflection is an important practice by nurses as through it, we get to understand as well as explore more of what we should do (Ghaye and Lillyman, 2001). I will use the model to facilitate critical thinking in relation to theories in nursing. Discussion will encompass the ethics on effective nursing practice and the elements that promote effective practice. Descriptions Introduction to Community Health Nursing  Clinical practice seeks to uphold the synthesis of community nursing theory by providing nursing care to clients who are based in the community settings. Implementation and assessment of nursing care are a necessity for clients within the community who suffer from common physiological problems and malfunctions (Jasper, 2003). The synthesis of health strategies using clinical practices in these settings concentrates on the promotion of health prevention of diseases and patient care, as well as to the surrounding communities. Technically, the goal is to protect, preserve, maintain and promote health. Based on the reflective cycle established by Gibbs (1988), I will offer a description of two nursing scenarios that my reflections are based on. In Scenario 1 I had a joint visit with RN to visit a 7-month baby who suffered from congestive heart failure and down syndrome. I did a follow up assessment. At the time, the baby was somewhat stable, but the foster mother was worried that she was going downhill. The baby girl was not responding to her feeds well- she was on 33mls/hr continuous. She weighed 12 pounds, HR- 140, SPO2 – 93 to 96, R-72, her chest sounded clear, but I could tell the baby was having some difficulty breathing because I could see the extra muscles being used, sunken chest and ribs. The foster mom was worried because she could not monitor the baby’s oxygen stats and upset because the hospital did not allow her to take a stats machine home. We reminded her of the things to monitor for such as chest congestion, fever, wheezing etc. She told us that if she needed anything she would call or worst case we would find out if she ends up going to the hospital. I agreed with the mom and felt that if her feeds didn’t get better, her respiration increased and her spo2 decreased she would need to go to the hospital. The foster mom said the last time they went into the hospital, which was a couple days ago her oxygen stat was below 80 percent and it was obvious her baby was going into respiratory distress. The foster mom had been an RN so she knew what she was doing and what to look for. We instilled confidence in her and told her to continue to do what she was doing and monitor the baby and to feel free to call us even if it was just to check oxygen stats over the weekend. We educated her on the tube feeds and told us when the respiration rates are too high it makes it difficult for the baby to eat so if she is worried at all and this persists to take her in. We ended off saying we could come by and check the oxygen stats of the baby ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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