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QI Plan Part I : Consumerism - Essay Example

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Consumerism Name University Consumerism Difference between Performance Measurement and Quality Improvement Processes? Performance Measurement is, simply put, a way to assess the quality provided by the hospital to the patients, and Quality Improvement (QI) is to improve the quality basing on the performance indicators shown in the performance measurement indicators…
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QI Plan Part I : Consumerism
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Download file to see previous pages Thus, roughly we can see the satisfaction level in a quantitative manner and improve quality accordingly by keeping the performance indicators at a maximum level possible, keeping in mind government regulations and finances of the organization. What type of care or customer Service does my chosen organization focus on? The customer service that my chosen organization focuses on is comfort level of the patients being treated by the organization. A hospital is no comfort zone to visit, and we intend to make the pain and agony of the patients during treatment as low as possible by providing state-of-the-art technological solutions by making the wards and the working environment homely and easy-on-the-eye. By having numerous greeneries, casual home-style wards, air conditioners, sprinklers and round-the-clock nursing facilities, we can achieve the required satisfaction level in this manner. If the patients feel comfortable and well looked after, the psychological impact, as proven by studies of the disease involved, can get dramatically decreased, thus resulting in better remedial environment (Cohen, 2008). What is its mission? What QI goals does the organization have in place? The mission of the hospital is simple: “To provide top-notch medical treatment to the patients of all cadres and to emerge as the best hospital of the region and also cater for their comfort and well-being to the maximum level possible.” The QI goals the organization has in place are: To provide optimum comfortable environment to the patients; To impart best operational training to all the trainees including interns, house officers and general nursing staff; To keep emergency sections available throughout; To give highest regards to complaints of the patients; To establish test centers for research and development of new drugs; To also cater for the needs and comforts of the visiting family and friends; To keep updated record and to handle any kind of negligence done by the staff very strictly. What is the role of the consumers in the organization? In our kind of organizations, i.e. hospitals, the primary customers are the patients, of course, and looking after their well-being and giving them best remedies is our primary concern, and, as medical staff, we are there to provide it all, but we envisage to give them something extra that is vanishing from our profession and that is care and affection. With care, affection and our performance indicators we can at best meet their needs and provide the solutions astutely. We also regard that the family and the friends that are visiting or accompanying the patients in and out of our facility are properly taken care of. This is very necessary because if the visitors cannot see for themselves the quality of our service, they will not recommend or visit us again hoping for preferential and distinguished care level and cutting-edge medical technology. What external quality indicators are available for the consumers regarding that organization? As the medical field is a very cutting-edge and complex field, the customers have to choose the best there is because it is a serious matter of health. By sharing some or most of the performance quality indicators with the consumers (sometimes not patients but their visitors) we can not only be completely honest about the quality being offered by the hospital, thus resulting in improved consumer satisfaction, but also we can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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