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Recommendations For Diagnosis, Treatment, And Management Of Asthma - Essay Example

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Asthma is a chronic condition that can be managed but not cured and it is a condition that attacks an individual at intervals and with varying degrees of severity. The paper "Recommendations For Diagnosis, Treatment, And Management Of Asthma" discusses triggers of asthma and the risk factors…
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Recommendations For Diagnosis, Treatment, And Management Of Asthma
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Extract of sample "Recommendations For Diagnosis, Treatment, And Management Of Asthma"

Download file to see previous pages Shortness of breath, as well as an individual’s experiencing either wheezing and coughing, are the major symptoms of asthma that are known. An asthmatic attack may get dangerous if it lasts for more than 12 hours without any intervention and if the airway is obstructed (Kaufman, 2012). Symptoms like the bluish coloration of the lips and rapid pulse are dangerous signs of severe attack. In diagnosis, spirometry measures the total volume of oxygen that is inspired against that which is expired by the lungs. In the assessment of the status of the airwave, children with asthma who are of seven years or more should have spirometry performed on them in order to measure how severe the airway is obstructed (NHS, 2012). Triggers of Asthma and the Risk Factors Among the triggers of asthma are food preservatives that are found in foods that are either processed or prepared by various food manufacturing companies. An example of such a food preservative is sodium metabisulfite which is in the group of sulfite additives; it triggers asthma in those who are sensitive (Toole, 2013). There are certain risk factors that have been identified to trigger or contribute to the occurrence of asthma and are important in the easy identification of those individuals who are most at risk to develop asthma and those prevention strategies that are effective in managing the condition. These include smoking by the parent, especially when the child is still an infant, or the smoking by the mother when the child has not been born yet. The family history of asthma and exposure early in life makes a child more predisposed to suffer from asthma (Zahran, Person, Bailey & Moorman, 2012). Management of Asthma Arterial blood gas and lung function test will help in the diagnosis of this condition. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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