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Professional Interview - Term Paper Example

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A Professional Interview: An In-depth Analysis Name Institution A Professional Interview: An In-depth Analysis Introduction The popularity and importance of nursing profession is well documented in the research literature. The profession is getting increasingly famous because it has proven quite lucrative in financial terms while nursing professionals are rare to find and therefore medical facilities are compelled towards offering excellent non-monetary and monetary compensations in order to retain them in the long run…
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Professional Interview Paper
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Download file to see previous pages She worked and served the society in the abovementioned role for one and a half year before becoming the Nurse Manager in the same facility. Nonetheless she moved to become the part of Family Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Winter in August 2004 whereas she had to quit her job at State hospital in order to take care of her ill aunt at home. Additionally she was able to remain a full time student at the campus during her first semester of the course but she was forced to become a part-timer at the later stage so that she can take better care of the aunt. According to the source it is very difficult and testing to manage a fulltime profession when one has to take care of children and an ill aunt and therefore she remained at home for one and a half year while continuing her part-time studies. After completing the course she gladly accepted a job of a Pediatric Rheumatology Nurse at University of US Medical Center. Yet it is important to note that her new position was temporary in nature and that was ideal for her because it gave her the freedom to manage her studies while making a handsome fortune on the sideline. But shortly she was offered to take up a permanent position and the management pledged to give her ample amount of space to take care of her studies. The target professional enjoyed working with the children and managed to complete her FNP program and subsequently she got her certification and degree in 2010. The nurse continued working as a Pediatric Rheumatology Nurse until January 2011 when she decided to take a position of Family Nurse Practitioner at the US State Hospital. Current Practice The concerned professional is presently working in the role of Family Nurse Practitioner in the female unit of some State medical facility. The nurse has the duties and responsibilities of getting complete history of the patient while running an entire physical test before one can be admitted for the services. Core Competencies The current position of the featured professional prays on her abilities to promote a healthy lifestyle in the patients whereas she is also responsible for educating and informing them about reasons, symptoms and remedies of the most commonly prevailing diseases. The professional is also anticipated to run a full physical examination whilst she is supposed to diagnose and propose treatments as well. The frequently occurring situations include pregnancy, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, metorrhagia, sexually transmitted diseases that are to be managed by the nurse. Legal and Ethical Issues with Healthcare The current role of the featured nurse can make her face several number of ethical and legal dilemmas for instance an incapacitated patient may not be able to put her signature on the documents that will cause delay in her treatment (Appelbaum, November, 2007). But in these kinds of situations nursing staff must consult legal experts before taking any course of action. Suggestions and Recommendations The nurse must remain awake to the fact that physical illnesses are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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