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Psychology End of Life Issues The Right to Die - Essay Example

Indeed, the wider implications of euthanasia are crucial issues for the patient as well as for the family of the sick person. It is important that people are empowered with knowledge about the euthanasia and treatment so that the right decisions can be made with regard to ending the life of the terminally sick person. Euthanasia can be broadly classified into two categories: active euthanasia and passive euthanasia. Active euthanasia refers to the process when drug is administered to the patient to die peacefully and in sleep without experiencing pain. Passive euthanasia, on the other hand, is the process when life support systems are removed and patient is left to die in natural conditions. While the two types of euthanasia achieve the same end objective of death of the intended person, passive euthanasia tends to prolong the pain of the individual whereas active euthanasia ensures that the person dies instantly and without experiencing long pain. The major ethical and moral issue against euthanasia is to preserve sanctity of life as life is a gift of God (Kuupelomaki, 2000). Catholics believe that life belongs to God and nobody has the right to take it or extinguish it at one’s will. ...
The Netherlands and Switzerland are some of the countries where euthanasia is legal. But in most of the countries across the globe and in the majority of states in America, euthanasia has not been legalized. Some states like Oregon, Washington, Vermont and Montana have made physicians assisted suicide

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Right to Die
At this state, many people are choosing death and would not want their bodies undignified by the use of these machines. Some people are against the legalization of choice to die even if medical technology can prolong life. The opponents of the right to die include governments, Christian churches and organizations, who argue that no one has the right to decide when to live or die.
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Ethical Issues: Withholding Life Sustaining Treatments During End of Life Care
In withholding treatment, care providers invariably withhold information about interventions, as they are deemed purposeless to be told to patients or proxies, in turn, doctors retain greater decision?making prerogative and don’t feel obliged to get consent from patients or proxies.
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One of the most disputable issues is of the essence in this case; it lies within the question of what to do with the right to die. This is the way in which people see their lives being terminated. In this case, one of the ideas implies the ownership of people as to their lives even when death comes into perspective in this case (Smith, n.p.).
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Euthanasia and end of life issues
Euthanasia and end of life issues. One of the most common dilemmas involves conflict in moral values because morality is deeply rooted in personal conviction and a breach is critical, not only to consequences from the society such as rebuke and isolation, but also to an individual’s emotional stability.
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Euthanasia/Right to Die
Euthanasia is probably one of the most controversial issues in the world today due to the legal and ethical considerations that surround it; many people and groups have taken divisive stands concerning this matter and universal consensus regarding the execution of this policy is yet to be achieved.
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The Right to Live or Die
One, there are beings who are although biologically alive, are not able to have a biographical life because of bodily processes. For example, an infant whose mental development has not yet fully started cannot process complicated thoughts such as what Rachels prescribed.
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Abortion: when is it morally right or wrong to end the life of a fetus
The whole debates stems from the single issue- at what stage does a fetus actually become alive. If one was to speak in purely biological terms, life is created the moment conception takes place between the male and female gametes.
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Right to Die persuasuve speech for
If today April decides to go full term with her cancer till the very end, her baby will have to be given up in an orphanage right about when he becomes most attached to her. So, just imagine. Put yourself in April’s position and imagine what you would do
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Right to Die - Financial Objections
Maybe thatd be different. But shes in a PVS. She cant feel me. She cant hear me. Someone can get out of a coma; the rates of return arent high, but they are there. But in a PVS? It almost
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Right to die
However, Rachel’s argues the golden rule is not a perfect maxim considering that sexual perverts associated with fantasies of rape and treating others, as they would love to be treated compromise the golden rule. The results connected with the golden rule might not
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legal, making death with dignity, a key factor in the legal process (Procon, 2013). In my state, euthanasia is not legal and right to die is still a very controversial issue within and outside the religious, cultural and legal conventions. I strongly support euthanasia for many reasons, the main fact being that it enables a terminally ill person to exercise his/her autonomy to decide on the end of life by using euthanasia to hasten his/her death. Euthanasia is ethically and morally correct because Act Utilitarian of Bentham clearly states that actions which maximize happiness are ethically good and therefore, one should “always pick the one (action) that will maximize happiness and minimize unhappiness for the greatest number of people” (Rosenstand, 2002, p. 176). When euthanasia is administered on a terminally sick person, the patient is relieved of his/her pain and dies happily and without experiencing pain. Moreover, the patient’s relatives and loved ones are also spared from the prolong agony of seeing their loved one in extreme pain and leading a worthless life. Indeed, it is inhumane to artificially extend the life of individuals when one knows that it would just prolong the life and not the quality of life. Euthanasia therefore becomes the right choice for persons who are constantly in pain and are waiting for death to happen. The early death through active euthanasia not only gives relief to the patient from his/her


Euthanasia can be broadly defined as inducing death artificially with clear intention to end the life of a person who is terminally ill and there is little hope of recovery (Stones & Winslade, 1995). In recent times, euthanasia has become the major controversial issue as it is still not a legal option in the majority of the countries across the globe…
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Psychology End of Life Issues The Right to Die
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