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Healthcare Realities: A Right or A Privilege - Essay Example

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It is very evident that healthcare is an issue in the United States of America. The focus of the following essay "Healthcare Realities: A Right or A Privilege?" is to provide an overview of the healthcare system in the US and address the debatable aspects regarding it…
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Healthcare Realities: A Right or A Privilege
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Extract of sample "Healthcare Realities: A Right or A Privilege"

Download file to see previous pages This is an issue that will continue to elicit much debate among many people. Healthcare is vital to the sustainability of life (Hooker, 2011). In the modern times, there are many diseases and ailments that are so expensive to treat that an average person may not afford the treatment fee and therefore the only thing they can do when they contract such as disease is to wait and die. Healthcare is a universal need that when denied leads to low quality of life. Additionally, it is being recognized by many nations around the world that believe that universal healthcare must be availed to all people regardless of socioeconomic status. Thirdly, I believe that without recognizing it as a right and making it be provided by the government, poor people would not be able to access it because the capitalistic mechanism would make it too expensive for the poor to access and thus lead to unnecessary deaths as people fail to access treatment. Due to the fact that the government recognizes the right to life as a primary right that is protected by the constitution, it is only proper that healthcare, due to its effect on life, be considered as a universal right.
Healthcare is a universal need for many people and just like other rights that are considered to be inherent to human beings, such as the right to vote, it should not be availed only to those with money but rather should be available to all, regardless of their socioeconomic status (Roberts, 2010). The USA has a long history with regard to human rights. It comes from the early years where one had to have money to vote (poll tax) and when various minorities, including women and black people, were not allowed basic rights such as the right to vote. Due to the fact that modern healthcare has increased in cost, and also the number of diseases has also increased. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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